Product Review: Q-Link EMF Pendant

Is the Q-Link Pendant some ingenious scam, or do magical mass-produced pendants with the ability to fight off diseases using invisible & unmeasurable fields actually exist? These are the sorts of questions I often find myself asking after receiving several blows to the head with an industrial-grade titanium girder. Of course I don’t mean to […]

Guide Inexplicably Insulting Tourist's Guide

Inexplicably Insulting Tourist’s Guide To…California

When people think of California, they often think of brownouts, laughably overpriced homes, women in thongs accumulating malignant melanomas on beaches, and endless lakes of fire choked with the tormented souls of the damned, whose shrieks of agony will haunt your dreams for all eternity.┬áCome to think of it, that last one might not be […]


Guide: Boosting Your Self-Esteem

Like many people, I was, at one time, afflicted with crippling self-esteem issues. In the end, it was only through hard work, perseverance, intellectual dishonesty, and the gleeful exploitation of those less fortunate was I finally able to achieve something resembling inner-peace. So seeing as I have some experience in the field, I figured I’d […]

Misogyny Reviews

Product Review: Control-A-Woman Remote

Whether they’re being subjected to perfectly acceptable physical abuse for failing to have your dinner ready on time, conforming to misogynistic stereotypes about driving ability, or drowning their infant children in the bathtub due to severe postpartum depression and psychosis, women can be a real handful! But luckily the geniuses at Taipei Novelty Product Production […]

Junk List

Some Fun Things To Do While You Await Death’s Embrace

I’ve never quite understood people who claim to get “bored”. If you’ve got even a little bit of money, there’s no end to all the pointless crap you can buy to entertain yourself, and even the working poor should seemingly be kept busy (and so be saved from boredom) by their constant struggle to survive […]