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The Official 20XX Holiday Internet Gift Guide: Special Extended Edition – Director’s Cut

  It goes without saying that time of year my inbox is practically overflowing with holiday-centric electronic mail. Sure, I still get the occasional fan letter (“Why do you hate me because I’m fat?”, “Like to  meet booted  and  gay  gloved  cops”, “what do you think about a game like socom ,is it ok to […]


Kidz Korner: Fun Fire Safety Tips For Kids

Burglar. Chrome. Governor. Dispassionate. Leathery. Crouching. Molybdenum. Horatio. Turtleneck. What do these words have in common? You guessed it: None of them would ever be used to describe the aftermath of a devastating fire. Another thing you don’t often hear after a fire is “Boy, that small child was sure a big help during the […]