CYOA Life of Crime

Try To Use Mind Control Powers On Him

You close your eyes and place two fingers to your forehead for effect. You then point the open palm of your other hand towards the man.

“Ohhhaammayammmooohhamnnn.” You say, spouting the first gibberish that comes into your head.

“What the hell is this crap?” the man says.

“Mine mine mine mine, your mind is mine.” you chant casually, picking at one of your fingernails and not paying very much attention at all. Soon you glance up and find the man staring expectantly back at you.

“Awaiting instructions.” He says. A smile spreads across your face.

“Good,” you say, “Now here’s what I need you to do for me…”

Command him to shoot at the police to cover your escape

Give up for no apparent reason and spend the rest of your life in prison

Command him to blow his own brains out