CYOA Life of Crime

Get Rid Of All The Prickly Pods In The World

You decide to put an end to those little prickly pods once and for all. You blink twice and suddenly you feel sure that all the prickly pods in the world have vanished. You have to trust your instincts on this fact though, because by this time you’re well away from any heavily wooded areas where you’d be able to go and check.

You glance down and do a quick scan of your clothes, but you find nothing. You assume this is either because you’d managed to pick off the prickly pods when you had noticed them previously, or because you have in fact caused every single prickly pod to vanish from the earth.

You spend a couple weeks traveling around and doing various things, but you just can’t get the pods out of your head. You’ve got to be sure that every single one is gone! You decide to head out into the wilderness to check it out, but by the time you’ve decided this it is already winter, a time when the pods would be all but impossible to spot.

You wait until spring. When it arrives, you take a walk in the woods. But you’re not sure exactly where to look, so you kind of just mill around for a couple of months in different forests sort of thoughtlessly taking branches in your hands and letting them fall, and whipping at underbrush with a large stick while crying “Hyaah!”

Finally you realize you’ll never truly know if every prickly pod is gone. It will haunt you for the rest of your days. You fall asleep that night feeling empty and hollow and unfulfilled.

“Prickle, prickle, my little ghosty pods,” you whisper softly by the light of the waning moon.

“Prickle prickle.”


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