CYOA Life of Crime

Revel In The Chaos

“More! More! More!” you cry gleefully, jumping up and down and waving your arms in the air.

Huge bolts of lightning strike viciously at the fields of illegal marijuana which surround the bank, kindling flame in the tall dry grasses and filling the air with billowing clouds of hallucinogenic smog. The skies are filled with bodies as the flying creatures pluck screaming humans from the ground, carrying them to dizzying heights before flinging them to the ground. The dwarf lizards scamper around, hurling themselves against the windows of nearby homes and taking large bites out of the walls and their owners.

“Gribble gribble!” They cluck, rubbing their fat little bellies.

Through the nearby trees crashes a hulking mechanical golem, roaring and belching steam from its ears as it punts squadcars and elderly men in tracksuits out of its path. Suddenly you hear someone clear their throat behind you. Turning, you find a group of your coworkers huddled shivering behind a very large, stern woman who you recognize as the bank’s branch manager.

“I’ve had it up to here with your antics!” She says, placing her hands on her substantial hips, “Stop this monkey business immediately or I swear to sweetest Jesu I’ll write you up in a heartbeat!” adding, “Remember, two more write-ups and you’re terminated!”

Apologize sheepishly and cast the various demonic entities back into
hell so everyone can go back to work

Feast greedily upon your coworkers souls, destroying them and
working yourself into an uncontrollable chaotic frenzy