CYOA Life of Crime

Toss The Bank Robber At The Police Chopper

You visualize the criminal’s body in your mind’s eye, and then imagine it lifting from the ground. You hear a shout, and look up to see him hovering there in front of you, kicking his feet.

“Now fly my monkeys, fly!” you cry, swinging your arm towards the chopper.

As if attached to some invisible cable, the man jerks and is flung with great speed off into the sky. The body bounces off the windshield of the chopper and continues upwards into the churning blades. Upon striking them there is a sound like a number 2 pencil being shoved into a large metal fan, and the upper half of his body explodes into a fine red mist which spatters out across the windshield of the chopper. The horrified pilot jerks the stick and the craft begins to spin out of control.

“Horray!” you cry, clasping your hands as the remainder of the body catches upon one of the blades and is flung down into the parking lot where it strikes one of the officers, bowling him over and covering him in a veil of sloppy entrails.

“Oh dear,” you say, shaking your head.

Just how are you going to top that?

Call upon a worldwide flood to cover the land and clean up this bloody mess (and also to wash away the sins of humankind, if it has time)

Wander around committing acts of senseless violence for a while