CYOA Life of Crime

Grab The Cash & Get The Hell Out Of There

“Screw this,” you mutter.

“What’s that?” The bank robber asks, turning towards you.

“Oh sorry, it wasn’t anything,” you say, adding, “I was just talking to myself.”

“Mm.” He replies, looking troubled.

“I, uh, forgot something in my car,” you say, slowly backing towards the corner of the building. The robber narrows his eyes, scowling and fingering the trigger of his gun. Suddenly you cry “Huzzah!” and dash around the corner, running up onto a hill behind the bank and throwing yourself into the ravine on the other side.

You claw your way through a cluster of brambles and continue to run, eventually leaving the sirens and gunshots and screams behind you. “What a bunch of crap.” You say, picking one of those small prickly pods of the side of your sock. Man, those little prickly pods are REALLY annoying!

Make all those little prickly pods vanish from the face of the earth
(that’ll show em)

Forget the pods and keep running and try to beat the world record
for running or something