CYOA Life of Crime

Forget The Man & Create A Fun Party For The Police

Tightening your grip on the man’s throat, you whoop and swing him into
the air.

“Halt!” cry the police officers, “Drop him go or we’ll fire!”

You hurl the surprised bank robber easily up onto the roof. You hear gunshots and bullets piff into the ground nearby. Shaking your head you get to your feet and sweep your hand across the line of cops, ripping their guns from their hands and compressing them into a gnarled ball of worthless metal. You then cause the ball to rise into the air and it begins to emit a sparkling disco light show.

You point your finger at one of the empty squad cars, and it promptly explodes into a hail of confetti and streamers. You gesture towards the helicopter overhead and it begins to dip and sway as a lively waltz crackles from its loudspeaker.

“Why it’s the policeman’s ball!” you cry, tapping out a soft shoe on the sidewalk. The cops just stand there, shaking their heads in disbelief.

Lovingly recreate scenes from the film adaptation of West Side Story using the police officers as living puppets

Gather up all the objects and people in the area and use them to build a giant zeppelin which you will use to fly around the world spreading good cheer to all you meet