CYOA Life of Crime

Conjure Some Otherworldly Creatures From Thin Air

You take a step back and crouch low to the ground, pressing your palms together above your head. Your pupils whiten and the air pressure in the area seems to drop. The sky takes on a deep purplish hue, and blood red storm clouds roll in from all directions, blotting out what remains of the light.

“By Sarumon’s gnarled staff…” the criminal sputters, “you’re a practitioner of the dark arts!”

Just then you notice a number of squad cars pulling into the parking lot. They skid to a stop, flicking their spotlights onto the two of you. The officers leap out and begin screaming commands. Paying no attention to them, you spread your arms wide, extending your fingers towards the heavens and reveling in the wondrous surge of energy you feel.

There is a spectacular thrumming from all around and out of the clouds descend enormous winged beasts covered in phosphorescent spines. At intervals, gaping rifts slide open in the pavement and cloudy-eyed reptiles claw their way out onto the grass, screeching and chittering. The ground begins to shake, and from a nearby stand of trees you hear a terrifying otherworldly braying and the sound of cracking wood. You get the feeling that you’ve somehow called upon forces beyond your control.

“Whoops.” You say, feeling more than a little embarrassed.

Grab the cash and get the hell out of there

Revel in the chaos