CYOA Life of Crime

Command Him To Shoot At The Cops To Cover Your Escape

You reach deeply into the criminal’s mind; into his very essence. Once inside, you flip a couple brain switches and transform him into an unthinking murderer. You also decide to have a little fun and decide it would be neat to have him shout in German while he’s killing. You figure since he doesn’t really know German, it should be interesting to see what happens.

You set the man down and back away slowly with your hands raised and a wide smile on your face. He turns without hesitation towards the group of police and raises his gun towards them.

“Achtung! Actung! Cigaretten? Eins vie drie! Volkswagon! Saab!”

This last line irks you a bit, because Saab is actually Swedish, not German, but as you feel it would be impolite to correct him, you simply shrug and continue backing away. You slip around the corner of the building and and begin to run.

“Stop pointing that weapon at us apparent malicious intent or we will be forced to fire and kill you even though you are a white man!” you hear one of the officers shout. A gunshot rings out. “Warning! Do NOT kill another officer with that weapon or we will be forced to fire!” the same voice says in an obviously annoyed tone. You hear another shot. “That tears it!” you hear the voice say as the sounds of gunfire fill the air.

The cops will likely hunt you for the rest of your life; you had better go into hiding.

Hop a passing freight train and ride the rails with the bums

Half-jokingly open a manhole cover to try to see if there really are colonies of mutants living down there