Engrish Movie Reviews: Part 2

Engrish SignBuoyant greetings my friend, from the sunny desert land! My name is Bazul and today I reviewing more most populars of film from United State! I am happy discuss detail of the movies with great herein. More than fun adventure! Teaching you about it movies as well!
So here we are today, let us talk about these artistic films: The Matrix! Memento! Jaws! Truly if these films are popular, they are also made! So come joining me and reviewing them all! And diving  into the excitement of movie! Blast time!

Engrish Movie Reviews: Part 1

Where We're Going...We Don't Need RoadsHello and hail and well meet! My name is Bazul and I am coming from United Arab Emerate! I am here today to be talking to you about the best films of America! America is being a great country and the films of America are being great as well (if logic proceeds)!

Some films are great, but some are greater even than others of this style! This article means to talk about only the greatest. So come with and join me to see the sights of great America films! Todays reviews are: Transformers Movie, Get Back to The Future, Ghostbuster, and The Evil Dead 2.
(I am translate this page for you from the language of my country, so please do not be ashamed if there are some mistakes or parts are broken).

My Country and United State Are Much The Same!!

Gun Show SouthernHello my friend and how are you today! My name is Bazul Najjar and I am from the great nation of United Arab Emerate! What am I here to talk about today you are ask! Well I am glad you have asked this! I have the answer! I am here because I have got man electronic mails from citizen of United State saying things I don't understand.

From place like Arkansas, from place like North Carolina, from place like Alabamas. Many letters. These things I will not repeat but they are not nice. These things mostly come from the south (bottoms) part of United State and have problem with my people.  
But wait! I am here today to tell you that you people in bottom United State and us in United Arab Emerate are not so different at all! We have many similars to you and could be brothers. I will tell you the truth about why we are the same, so please to listen....
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