Grobnar Review Things

GrobnarMan ask Grobnar to tell about things he find all around. Man say Grobnar talk about thing and tell how he use thing. Also he say Grobnar say if thing is good or bad. Grobnar no know why but man say he give Grobnar mammal meat if Grobnar do this.

So Grobnar think he help. Grobnar hungry. Grobnar not eat nothing in days. Well, Grobnar eat small bird, but that not fill Grobnar up. So Grobnar tell stories and get mammal meat. Grobnar mouth watering already.

Big Stick

What Happen

StickGrobnar find big stick in forest and pick up. Grobnar think stick fall off tree, but Grobnar not sure. Grobnar hit ground and rocks and tree and big stick not break. Big stick strong. Grobnar walk for while and then Grobnar see brown rabbit on log. Grobnar think to use big stick to smash rabbit and make dead so Grobnar eat. Grobnar go up and smash stick to rabbit, but rabbit hear Grobnar and run away. Then Grobnar think that maybe rabbit no good to get with stick because rabbit too fast.

Grobnar then see sqwakybird not far. Grobnar run fast to smash sqwakybird because Grobnar know sqwakybird no fly. Sqwakybird dumb bird. Grobnar mush sqwakybird head. After that, red come on the ground and sqwakybird no move no more. Grobnar eat sqwakybird and go sleep in bush.

Thing Good?

Big stick pretty good, but Grobnar think it not good to kill little mammals. Better to find rocks. Rocks hard and Grobnar throw them good and strong. But big stick kill dumb bird like sqwakybird real good. Stupid birds.

Puffy Ground Plant

What Happen

MushroomSome time Grobnar find strange plant on ground by tree or in grass place. Plant look like little soft brown tree but with lilly pad on top. Grobnar no know what plant is so Grobnar not eat. Grobnar think some strange plant or berry bad thing for Grobnar.

But one time Grobnar very very hungry and Grobnar find no mammals or plant nowhere. Grobnar stomach making so much noise and bad feeling, so Grobnar eat one puffy ground tree. Grobnar see nothing happen and taste good so Grobnar eat more and more soft ground trees.

Then Grobnar feel strange in Grobnar head. Grobnar see mammals and trees and all are funny to Grobnar. Grobnar not stop laughing for long time. Grobnar saw face in tree and face talk to Grobnar. Grobnar not know what tree say, but tree make funny voice like bloob bloob blob. Grobnar laugh and laugh. Grass and sun feel extra good for Grobnar that day. Then get dark and Grobnar not feel so good. Grobnar hear demon far away and close in trees and shape in dark. Grobnar hear demon laughing in Grobnar head. Demon no stop. Grobnar yell stop stop but demon scream and laugh loud even still. Grobnar take big rock, smash head to stop demon. Grobnar wake in light and demon gone. Grobnar head and belly hurt.

Thing Good?

No! No eat puffy ground plants. Bad thing.

Burning Ball in Sky

What Happen

Sun SkyGrobnar see burning ball in sky for long as Grobnar remember. Grobnar think ball like fire Grobnar make on ground, but bigger from the Stone Gods. Stone Gods good to Grobnar. Grobnar pray to stone altar and carry idol with for all time. Burning ball good gift. Grobnar great-full.

Burning ball fall from sky always same time. Fire go under ground far away and Grobnar no see nothing but black and get much cold. But Grobnar feel tired too, so most time Grobnar go sleep and when Grobnar wake up burning ball come back to sky. Make warm on Grobnar face. Grobnar feel happy.

Thing Good?

Yes. Burning ball very good. If it stay down Grobnar not get anything done. Dark no good for Grobnar; not see mammals or berries or nothing. Grobnar think all man know burning ball good so no point for Grobnar say it.

Grobnar done talk about thing. Go get mammal meat from man now. Maybe Grobnar write more thing if man give more meat.

Grobnar like eat meat.