Drug Diary 3: Mushrooms

Electronic DiaryOnce again, here it is: I got a friend of mine to agree to participate in a private and almost certainly fictional study. Once and a while he would ingest an illegal substance, attempt to spend a normal day at work, and record what happened. Then he would send the results to me.

Unfortunately, after this experiment with Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) he was found drowned in a small pond in a field. Here the results, which I recovered from his diary by breaking into his house and stealing it.

Part 1 - Meth
Part 2 - Heroin
Part 3 - Mushrooms

Wednesday, September 10th

7:00 AM:

Alright. It’s probably no good for me to drive, I took it about 45 minutes ago. I feel it working already. It isn’t too far to the office. I might just have to walk. I’ll cut through the park. Hope I'll be alright to work once this kicks in. I'm sure it'll be fine.

7:28 AM:

Sunny DayI'm feeling great. The sun came out from behind the clouds. It’s so bright; everything seems to thrum. Wow. Amazing. I can see every sparkle from the rocks of the pavement, like diamonds. Kind of a cold morning but the sun is warming me and seems so inviting. Invittingggg. In-vite-ing. What a strange word, like inviting over and intite-tation. Invita-shon, stay-shon.

I'm sooo happy. Hahaha. Strraaaaannngeeeeeee. Think I’ll sit on this sidewalk and just listen to the rustle of the trees. Whooossh, whiissssh. I could sit or sit and day. Sit on sit, or, wait. I could: Sit. All. Day. There. Thoughts getting all jumbled, haha.  

7:39 AM:

Yah! Whoa...I doze off just now? Still seems like morning. Haha. A morning in mourning. Good mourning sun! Good mourning cemetery gates! There aren’t any cemeteries around here. I never saw one. Wait, what? I think I know I was going somewhere…just-can’t-place…

8:45 AM:

What? Just now a tall man passed. Who is that man? Who is it? Does he suspect? Gave me the funniest look but I couldn’t help but laugh at his rumpled up face. Hahaha rumpled! Can you believe it?! Greeeat. I’ll look up and see him again. Mmm. Long gone. Nobody around for miles. Haha, time fliessss but crawls. Oh you know I’m restless, very restless restless. I have to move and get UP. I’ll get up and go. Walk. Any second now. Come on! What is this? Just get UP get UP! Hahah it won't work. Nobody can go anywhere.

10:32 AM:

CreepgnomeTen thirty two...ten thirty two can't be ten thirty two I...when..that bug landed on my face, I got up. Look at that sun. So hot. Soooo hot whewww. OK going heading down an—whoa. Just heard the strangest sound. My heart jumped and my stomach was says waaaggg. Haha: Waagg. It talks.

Wait what was that? The tiniest voice I ever heard, sqkeaking or skampering. Maybe it wasn’t but saw something move in the corner of my eye. I know it I am not crazy. Cray-zee. Wait don’t look. Keep going, if it sees you see IT… trouble. There isn’t even anything. You know you must've imagined...but it was small and moved like bird. My heart jumped in my chest like I said hours before; I might’ve screamed I don’t know. Hey!  Hey! Rustling bushes! Get out getout! Gogo ohhh noooooo no nononononorun.

10:35 AM:

That was almost mechanical, what could make such a sound! Oh god! Hahah, I can’t run thi—no my leg! AAAHHHHHEYLP! Whooaaa spinning whoooaaaaaaaaaaaggggowowowow! Help pleawher—Oh. I think I fell. The grass might be wet but I can’t feel wetness. Some dirt was in my mouth and can’t even taste. Taste is...broken. I can't taste. Can’t feel fingers unless I move. I'll wait. What if someone might be around?

10:52 AM:

Foot BushesOooh my stomach. I think it hurts. Does it? Figure it out. Oohhh my stomach mystomach. What is wrong? Aggggg whatisthat! Bug. Look at this beetle here. Right at my face, crawl. I would eat this beetle, if only I were a creature. Creeeeachuuuree-ruh. Some creatures eat beetles but what kind. No don’t go! It went over into that grass.

Hahahah wow. What is this? Something isn't rightt...Uhhh my stomach. ooohhhhhhhh. Mmmpph. Just lie here some time more I can’t move. Oooh it burns tight. My stomach I need medicine. Tums medicine. Try to get home and see what I, aaaggg owwowowow!

11:05 AM:

Oh whathaveIdone whathaveIdone whathaveIdone whathaveIdone this isn't right it isn't right my mind can't stop it can't stop stop stop oh when will it end it neverever ends what if it doesn't end it will be forever it will be forever it will be forever forever forever- No. Doesn't happen. But still it could still it might have done something what if it doesn't end you- ahh. Stomach again. Ooohhhh ow. I can't do... I can't. Justgo.

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