Bizarre News & Links (Week Of 10.11.09)

Broken News
We now live in the future. And oh what a terrifying future it is. Each day, wretched fearful shells of what were once men file like like drones into colonies of steel and glass to perform menial tasks for petty men with shriveled black hearts. Screaming beasts hurtle terrified passengers through the clouds, fueled by naught but fumes and flame. And small children gad through rubbish-heaped streets in the regalia of vagabonds and harlots. Such things are not godly, and should be expunged from the public consciousness.In service of this, I offer to you this tincture of news and information; a smorgasbord of wondrous stories, intriguing premises, and other ephemera from across the mechanosphere. I certainly hope that you enjoy it.

Weird News of The Week

Man Runs out of Cigarettes, Attacks Wife, Kills Pet Rat

Roommate Charged in Brutal Harmonica Assault

Man Dressed as Ninja Threatens Politicians, Waves Nunchucks, is Promptly Arrested
Man Charged With Throwing Pillow at Police

Artists Poses 1,250 Garden Gnomes in Heil Hitler Salute

Son Refuses to Stop Drumming, Father Shoots Him in Head
Woman Found Living With Boyfriend's Week Old Corpse

Escaped Horses Tear up Soccer Complex


Beloved Image of The Week

Skateboard Toilet20

Low-Budget Webpage of The Week

Horse Health

I keep horses in my flat and often have a great deal of trouble making them healthful without resorting to the use of retail pills and treatments which I like to call satans tools but luckily I was able to stumble across this website which can serve to help me with the needs of my horses to be met by the holistic means and it is a lifesave. Why just have some look at these wisdoms:
In my experience of observing the many animals I have attended since opening my practice in l960 and my education in both orthodox and holistic philosophies, I have come to the following conclusion: WE GET SICK FROM ANY AND ALL THINGS THAT WEAKEN THE BODY’S PROTECTIVE ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE FIELD OR LIFE FORCE.
I have also measured the magnitude of the EMF of horses, dogs, cats, and people by using a sophisticated, electronic machine first made in Germany. By both methods I have compared the EMF of "healthy" individuals to those having known organ illnesses.
"[Beware] Noxious energy fields where we work and live. These are EMF’s of the earth known as "geopathic" forces and man-made noxious EMF’s. Geopathic forces are produced where two underground streams of water intersect, giving up a ray of energy. Any horse confined over this point for a period of time will develop painful arthritis, malfunction of the internal organs and impairment of the immune system.

Youtube Video of The Week


Product of The Week

Kids House
Kids Life Size Luxury Country Playhouse 
$36,400.00 (+ Shipping)

This playhouse can come with cable, running water, electricity, central air or a wireless communication system. Other architectural styles are also available from fairy tale cottages to rustic cabins or even a miniature replica of your home. Comprehensive interior design services, such as window treatments, moldings, paint colors, furnishings, rugs and flooring including wood, marble, or Mexican tile, are also available.

All Caps Amazon Customer Review of The Week

Halo 3

Customer Review

Right here is where I would place the outro for this article if I were to write one. Obviously I won't, but just wanted everyone to be aware that this is hypothetically how a thing like this would work.
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