Worthless Guide to Anime (Redux) - Part 1

is anime!?” Someone screams from a nearby rooftop, catching my
attention as I pass by on the street. The wind whisks the words away
before they reach my ears, forcing me to guess at his question. “7:36!”
I shout back. Flustered, the man cups his hands to his mouth and tries
again, “WHAT!
IS! ANIME!” Unfortunately I do not
hear this, as I have wandered into a nearby deli in order that I might
purchase some pastrami.

Worthless Guide to Social Graces - Part 4: Japanese Culture


They don’t call it The City of Angels for nothing. Many people live
there, and a number events have been known to take place within its borders. But this article isn’t about any of that. It’s just
that I’ve gotten a number of imaginary requests for a complete list of
thirty-one (31) things which are considered shameful and impolite in Japan.

Eyepod Plus Plus


me just preface this by saying that I hereby refuse to use the proper
“brand” spelling or capitalization when writing i-POd. I’m deliberately
going to punctuate it differently every time I use it too, just to
spite the OCD advertising executives over at a**le (Yeah, real big
victory right? Maybe six people will see this).

Snapple Facts: Madness

Facts Madness

Now here are some more snapple facts. These particular items come
courtesy of the patients at Bethlem Royal Hospital's mental ward.
They've worked very hard to bring you these, so I hope you have a grand
old time! Thanks and be sure to have your pets spayed and neutered.

Worthless Guide to Security Guards


hurtful things have been said about security guards over the years:
They’re nothing but uneducated whiteboys on a power trip! They’re lazy
bigots who couldn’t cut it as cops! All they do is sit at a desk all
day popping pills and fondling themselves gently while frowning at a
dog-eared and slightly moist copy of Maxim!
Certainly these are some pretty outrageous claims to make, but I have
to say that in my years working security I found them to be
surprisingly accurate. But let’s try and see if we can’t reveal the
true nature of security guards.

Snapple Facts: Kids

Kids facts

you know that Snapple now has a line of fruit drinks for children?
Instead of having "fun facts" under the caps, they feature a number of
child safety tips. Here are some suggestions I have for extra tips that
might help a kid out. Once again, Snapple had better not try to steal
these from me.

Part 1 -
Classic Facts

Part 2 -
Kids Facts