Worthless Guide to Women: Part 1


By Henry
If you are aware of the existence of
women, it is likely that you have a lot of questions about how to interact with them. This is completely understandable. Women
are strange and wonderful creatures, and their existence has puzzled
men ever since the first female dragged herself from the primordial
swamps of southern Louisiana more than 100 years ago.
What follows are three sections which contain some answers to the most common questions I receive about women.

Worthless Guide to Comedy - Part 2: Movies


By The Baron

folks, have yourselves a sit down and prepare to enjoy Part 2 of The
Baron’s Guide to Comedy. In Part 1 I covered the best and worst of TV
comedy, and in this portion I am going to reveal the winners and losers
of comedy in film. If you were impressed by the amount I know about TV,
you’ll be surprised to find that I know even more about movies!

Worthless Guide to Comedy - Part 1: Top 10 TV


By The Baron
one and all to part 1 of The Baron’s top 10 of comedy. In this new
series of articles I will be revealing the top 10 of comedy in three
categories: Television, Movies, and the Internet. Well, technically it
will be the 5 BEST in each category, and then the 5 WORST. In this
segment I will reveal the top 10 of Television. As the great General
Han Solo once said get ready to “Laugh it up, furball!”

Wedding Tips For Grooms


By Kevin
Who needs them? Nobody does, but I think people like to have them. I
figured I would do the world a favor and look up some rules and
regulations for the game of marriage. I found an article on the
internet called 20 Top Tips for Grooms Who Want To Get it Right. It is located HERE.
(link will probably be dead soon enough, but it doesn't matter) These
are sure to be 20 hot tips. Even though I am neither a groom nor a
person who wishes to get it right, I am sure that I will enjoy these
tips. Let’s go through some of them now: