More Snapple Cap Safety Tips For Kids

Kids Snapple Caps
In these troubled modern times, the life of a child is filled with innumerable dangers. Just take a look at these astonishing figures: Each day in America, 640 children are abducted by people who are believed to be minorities. In addition, a full four thousand are molested by men thought to possess pencil-thin mustaches, while 16 are mischievously tipped out of their wheelchairs by disgruntled female social workers.
These numbers serve as a constant reminder of the inherent evil of humanity. But luckily, Snapple brand flavored drink beverages are here to help. With the help of Families Against Violence and the American Lung Association, Snapple has utilized their patented "Snapple Facts" content delivery service to teach children about safety.
In the interest of public safety, I've reprinted 14 of the most useful facts from this campaign here for you to enjoy.

Web Detritus (Week of 10.24.10)

Rainbow GuyA weekly collection of cool, interesting, useful, strange, inappropriate, heretical, or amusing things I've found lying around on the internet.
This time around: Unintentionally Sexual Album Covers, God Acts Like A Jerk, Why People Hate Holden Caulfield, The Power Of Makeup, The Downfall of Digg, The Truth Behind Leno vs Conan, and Explaining The Internet To a 19th Century Street Urchin.

Christian Game Review: Fallout New Vegas

Christian Videogame Review: Fallout New Vegas
Christian Game Review: Fallout New VegasIn 1997, the PC game Fallout was released. Its violently cynical godless worldview easily captivated hundreds of gaming atheists, and spawned numerous (and similarly detestable) sequels, the latest of which is entitled Fallout: New Vegas. In the article that follows, this reviewer will be taking a look at the world of New Vegas from a true Christian perspective. I'll detail each sin committed by the developers of the game in-depth, as well as offering some godly advice (and good old-fashioned biblical scholarship) along the way.
NOTICE: This review should not be viewed by women or children. The shocking and brutal nature of this game's source material made it nessecary for me to describe drug use, instances of blasphemy, and graphic descriptions of various sex acts in detail to give parents a better idea of what their children are getting into these days. Consider yourselves warned.

Nightmare Fuel: 20 Terrifying Photos of Dolls, Mannequins, & Dummies

20 Terrifying Photos Of Dummies
Remember that time when you slept over at your great grandmother's house as a kid, and you went upstairs in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and when you flipped on the hallway light there was a battered, grinning old clown dummy propped up at the end of the hallway in a pool of blood and you screamed and the dummy began laughing and cursing as it scrabbled toward you brandishing a rusty straight razor?
If so: You'll probably be the first to agree when I say that dummies can be pretty terrifying sometimes. You'll probably also be the first in line to browse this gallery, as you no doubt realize that the best way to overcome your fears is to face them head on.
So read on if you wish to be shocked, sickened, horrified, and possibly mildly entertained by 20 photographs of dead-eyed artificial humans.

Web Detritus (Week of 10.17.10)

Web Detritus - Injun DollA reasonably interesting compilation of cool links, infographics, videos, and plenty of other garbage I found lying around on the web.

This Week: The Science Of Suicide, Cancer-Dispensing Cellphones, Penis Size Charts, The Futility of McDonald's Monopoly, & The Entire Universe Revealed With A Sweep Of The Mouse.

Amazon Oddity: How To Date A White Woman: A Practical Guide For Asian Men

Amazon Oddity: How To Date A White Woman
Like the other books in the Offensively Specific Dating Outside Your Race series (Japanese Women: They'll Do What You Say, Indian Men: Smart But I Guess They Have Tiny Penises, Black Chicks: I Wish They Would Stop Shouting At Me) How To Date a White Woman is advertised as "your one-stop shop" for information on dating a particular ethnic subset of humanity (in this case, White Women), but I found it sorely lacking in useful information.
Although I am white, I figured I'd be able to derive at least one or two good tips on dating white women from this book, but this is certainly not the case. Not only is this book Asian-Man-Centric, but it also lacks depth. I found most of their advice to be blatantly obvious (if not outright false): "White women don't like spiders", "White women sometimes have difficulty opening jars", "White women who aren't prostitutes get offended when you try to pay them for sex", the list goes on and on.
As someone who recently dated a white woman, I can easily come up with better tips than the ones in this book off the top of my head. So just keep reading if you want to be let in on all the white women's secrets.

20 Grotesquely Flamboyant Cosplayers

As someone with a well-defined/over-defined sense of shame, I am fascinated by the sorts of people who allow themselves to be photographed wearing awful costumes. Is this sort of behavior due to an extreme case of Aspergers, or is it simply how someone with a healthy sense of self-confidence behaves?
Having never experienced either of these disabilities (Aspergers or self-confidence) myself, I can really only theorize as to whether or not they are the ROOT CAUSE of cosplay, or if they merely lay the foundation for it. I suspect it's a little bit of both, but I suppose I'll never really know for sure, as I tend not to associate with adults who dress up as shitty cartoon characters.
But in any case, why don't you go ahead and have a look at these photos of people in stupid costumes. They really are fantastic.

Web Detritus (Week of 10.10.10)

Goth KidA weekly compilation of interesting links, top 10 lists, infographics and lots of other cool stuff I found on the internet.
This time around: The Best (Worst) Lawyer Commercials, The Best Jobs In America, Cautionary Tales On Growing Opium, Absurd Airline Rules, Stuff Gay People Like, and A Visual History Of All Life On Planet Earth.

The Comprehensive Guide To Littering

The Comprehensive Guide To Littering
Sometimes littering can be a grey area. For example: Was Johnny Appleseed littering as he wandered around tossing handfuls of apple seeds everywhere? The general consensus is that he was not, but I disagree. He most certainly WAS littering. History seems to give Mr. Appleseed a pass because he seems to have strewn the seeds about with the best intentions, but as you well know, some of the most heinous crimes in history have been committed by people with "the best intentions" in mind.
That's why I've created this guide: To dispel the myths which surround the act of littering once and for all. We'll cover a myriad of topics including (but not limited to)..."Littering With Fruits & Vegetables: Is It Possible?", "Littering In Public Spaces", "Bodily Fluids As Litter", "Littering In Geysers & Hot Springs: What Gives?"
So join me, if you will, on this journey through the exciting world of litter.