CYOA Life of Crime

Work Yourself Into A Chaotic Frenzy

Your lust for power cannot be sated. You breathe out, and the group of gathered onlookers is suddenly enveloped in a purple mist. Soon you can
hear them collapse to the ground, and you begin to feel their lifeforce flowing into you. A spectacular rush of adrenaline and euphoria widens
your eyes, staggering you.

“Such energy!” you cry.

“What was that?” A lawn care worker who is trimming a nearby hedge

“Die fiend!” you shout at him, spraying him with some of the mist.

“Arrrgghh!” He says, dying.

You slowly levitate into the air. You gesture and a nearby house, uprooting it from its foundation as if it weighed nothing at all. You send it spinning off and it quickly disappears over the horizon, trailing clumps of dirt.

“You want to do more. You want to destroy even greater things. You want to destroy everything, if possible.” You say, speaking for some reason as if you were a narrator in some ill-conceived, nonsensical story.

Looking down at your hands, you see red beams of light extending from your fingers in all directions. It looks pretty neat. Waving them about, you quickly discover that posess the ability to slice through everything in their path with ease. Even better. You rise into the air, hovering about a mile above the earth, and being streaking the beams across the ground for a long while, wondering to yourself if they are cutting all the way through the earth to China.

Soon you have your answer. The ground begins to shake. The sky blackens. Huge columns of rock shoot up from the gaping fissures open in the earth’s surface. Streams of glowing red magma spew high into the air, one coming very close to enveloping you. You float easily out of the way and lie on your stomach in mid air to watch the rest of the show.

Within minutes the entire planet is a roiling mass of lava and charred black rock. You’re pretty sure you’ve destroyed the earth.

Good one.