Behold! For I am Otherkin! Reader Mail

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Reader Mail

< From The Baron’s Otherkin Q&A

Reader Mail


Dear Barron.

Your not an other kin.  You didn’t call on your dragon powers
to flip over
your counselor’s table because they don’t exist. You where just being a jerk.

Yours sincerely,


P.S. You are a jerk.

Baron Responds:

Well what a surprise, it looks like I
have myself a little critic here. It seems like every time I write an
article, the trolls climb out of the woodword and try to knock me down
off my high horses. Some people never learn do they? Prepare to be
trampled (by my high horse like I said before).

First of all, how dare
you say that my otherkin powers don’t exist? Skeptics like you are
people who make the world a worse place to live. If you would have been
around the virgin Mary, I’m not sure what you would have done when she
announced that she was virginly pregnant from god. You probably would
have made fun of her or punched the baby Jesus through her stomach.
People like you disgust me!

I would invite you to come over and see me anytime if you want a
demonstration of true dragon rage. Just try my buddy boy, just try me.
I would knock you out like a tree. Boom. One second flat.

P.S. Takes one to know one, idiot! (and learn how to spell right)


what you said during
that paragraph is really true of what happened to me.
About the beginning of the year
ive discovered i was different and felt
really depressed and lonley
because i thought i was alone and a freak.
then i tried to find what was
wrong with me, and then i found otherkin and
that others are like me. i
think im a dragon too but i do not know the name
of my specific draconic name.
So, anyway i would like to know more about
anything to do with otherkin.

Thank you so very much Hawky for having the courages to write in. I
know it is now an easy thing to do, but you’ve taken the first step to
a better life. I think I can help you with a few things. First, don’t
be depressed or lonely because you are better than all the other jerks
in the world. Nobody has the powers we do, not even the president of
the USA states. Think of yourself a bit like the Teenage Mutant
Turtles. They might have looked and felt different and could do flips
but they are certainly a great group of guys once you get to know them
(and maybe even a little sexy if I do say so myself).

As for your draconic name, this is not a difficult thing to find out if
you are truly unafraid to search within yourselve. Take out some time
in a sensory deprivation chamber or even just swim to the bottom of a
swimming pool and hold your breath. Your name will come to you or I’ll
eat my hat (but not really, I can’t wear hats they itch my head!).

Thank ye.