Classic Nerd

You are the…

Classic Nerd


You are the…

Classic Nerd


Hwaaah! You are going to need more than magic missile to defeat me, fiend!

Your distinguishing characteristics:

  • You have read at least 10 Star Wars books (this number includes up to 3 Star Wars scripts).
  • Your preferred method of celebration on New Year’s Eve: Typing
    “w00t” into the public chat channel of whatever game you’re playing
    when the clock strikes 12.

  • It is likely that you have long stringy hair, and that said hair has been braided at some point in your life
  • Oh yes, you know very well what THACO stands for, and you aren’t
    at all ashamed to explain it in-depth to anyone unfortunate enough to
    have asked you offhandedly about it.

  • You have (at one time or another) worked yourself into a
    teary-eyed rage after being outbid in an online auction for a star wars
    action figure.

  • You often imagine yourself crouching on top of a building during
    a heavy rainstorm while the wind causes your trenchcoat to whip around
    behind you in a really badass way.
Dating Advice

I will tell you that there are definitely girls out there who would
date a Classic Nerd. Just let me warn you that they’re not going to
look like the paintings of the Amazon women you see on your magic
cards. I would think more along the lines of the mythical witch, Baba
Yaga, if you are familiar with that particular character.

Baba Yaga

Also be wary of women who appear to be fairly attractive and also claim to be “nerds”. These women are either:

  1. Liars
  2. Mentally damaged in some way
  3. Using the new meaningless Pop Culture version of “Nerd”, which
    pretty much amounts to a girl saying that she occasionally plays The
    Sims and that she enjoyed Lord of the Rings because she thought Legolas
    had a cute ass (he very well may, but such things are not for me to
Final Coolness Judgment

Thumbs Down

You’re not even remotely cool, but there’s a good chance you already
know this and that you don’t care. This is because you are smart.
Probably because spent your childhood reading books and playing video
games instead of jumping over small streams and hitting beehives with
sticks. Still, a little exercise once and a while couldn’t hurt…

Possible Results
In case you were wondering, here are the other ratings you could have achieved:

Resourceful Drifter

Unremarkable Everyman

The Freak

Evolutionary Cul-De-Sac