Ghost In The Shell 2

By Kevin
This is, of course, a synopsis of the film Ghost in the Shell: Innocence (in case you forgot how to read the title of an article). I think it is the second in some kind of series or something. I really don’t care. I didn’t bother to subject myself to the first movie, but it shouldn’t matter. Any good film sequel should stand on its own, so I’m sure this one will too, right?

World Of Warcraft: An Irrelevant Review

I had been watching a program on television about a game called World Of Warcraft. "That certainly is interesting." I might have been heard to remark after the show had ended, "I do enjoy programs which describe various items of interest; perhaps I should learn more about this particular item." Unfortunately, I was immediately distracted by a commercial for Superman Crunch cereal and forgot what I had just said. The next day the show aired again, and after watching it a second time I decided to write this article.

Random Object Reviews

By Kevin
On this page I will review random items I find sitting around the house. That's it.
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