By Tommy
I wrote a email to this website about how much I like halo 3. The nice
man who run this website asked if I could write a thing for this
website about what I thought of it because I had an interesting
per-spec-tive (had to look that up) about it. He says he will put it up
and put pictures for it too. I said that sounds like a fun plan
but I don’t write so good. He said it’s alright tommy just do your

How I got the Game

For chrismas mom and dad said they would buy me one game and one game
only for my xbox. I didn’t even have to think I said I want halo 3 it’s
the best you’ll ever see. They said how do you know that tommy you
never even played it before and I said I just know.

I seen a lot of things on TV about it when I was watching and also I
seen it on a can of pop at the store and some chips. I said to my dad
when I saw it oh boy you know a game must be good when you even see it
on food. But he wasn’t paying no attention to me and just looking real
hard at this pretty lady putting away things on the shelve. But anyway
that’s how I knew I wanted halo 3.

Halo Soft
A Present

The night before I open presents and I got real excited and couldn’t
sleep as usual. I went into my parents room and they were watching Late
Night and I said can I watch too because I can’t sleep. They said no
Tommy, go to bed you are 36 years old and too old to get excited about
such childlish things. I got real sore and slammed the door and back to
my own room.

The next morning I got up (a little late) and run down to the living
room where everyone was waiting. My dad said are you feeling better and
I said oh yes I can’t wait to see all my presents. I was sure excited
and wasn’t even mad anymore. I opened lots of my presents and hoped to
find the video game in one of them.

One small square box I was sure I had it, and I opened a pack of
underwear. I yelled what the hell and throw the underwear at the tree
and mom says now tommy that isn’t any way to behave. I felt a little
bad and later I knew that I needed those underwear anyway.

Finally at the end my dad pulled a present from behind his back and
said oh tommy we have one final gift for you! I knew already what it is
and tore open the wrapping. There was halo 3, finally. I was almost
crying. I ripped all the package off as I went down the stairs to the
xbox to play. Dad yelled down hey now play for a little bit and then
come up for breakfast you don’t want to burn yourselve out.

First Play

I put the game into the xbox (360 version) and pressed the on button.
Oh boy I was so excited I thought I really had to go to the bathroom. I
said to myself calm down tommy its only a game you don’t want to have
another accident like in class.

Kid Halo
This brown kid got the better version.

I wish I had that.

Finally the game menu came up. It had a beautiful sight. There was this
blue place that looked like heaven and all those voice that sounded
like angels or from a church movie. My hand was shaking and I finally
picked the word that said ‘One Player” I think. Wow the game made such
a boom when I picked that word I thought the whole house would shake
down. Mom yelled from upstairs TURN THAT DOWN TOMMY YOU’LL WAKE YOUR
GRANDMOTHER and so I clicked the volume to 5 bars only. Then the game

Level 1

The game starts with a spaceship crashing to the earth. At least I
think it’s the earth (we live on) it looks like it to me with trees and
sun and all those things. But anyway you see your man (the master
chief). He looks like a robot and maybe he is but he gets from the ship
and these soldier come up to him.

One leader is black which I think is a good thing to see because in a
lot of games you don’t see a black man in it especially as a leader.
Sometimes my dad says things about people who aren’t white like the men
from mexico that cut Mrs. Trilbys lawn. He says be careful of those men
they take all the jobs. I couldn’t get what he meant. Why do I want the
job to cut mrs. Trilbys lawn? Let them do it and anyway they are nice.
One named Gonzales let me drive the tractor. That was a good time.

Pretty Halo
Wow it look like real metal

Oh but sorry I was supposed to talk about halo 3. Then the soldiers
talk about some stuff I can’t really understand so good but then they
let you fight. In the game it shows you as the chief and you look out
holding the gun. You could point it anywhere you want and even shoot
those good soldiers! I SHOT ONE AND OOPS sorry caps. I shot one and
they didn’t die but they said ‘hey watch the friendly fire soldier.’ I
though to myself whats so friendly about shooting you but then they
were all running and saying lets go chief! I ran with  them hoping
to fight.


We ran through the woods and then everyone started shooting. I could
not see what they were shooting until I saw these purple spots far away
so I thought to shoot them. I did it for a while and one spot fell and
a soldier said good shot chief. So I knew I hit him and it was a enemy.

There is this toy for halo.

I would like to have it.

My dad came downstairs to see what the game was all about and sat
watching me. I said this is pretty silly though shooting spots if you
can’t even see what they are. My dad said so run closer. I did and saw
they were little goblins or monkeys. I started laughing pretty hard and
said dad look and shot a monkey dead. My dad says mmhmm. I said I can’t
understand why these monkeys are purple who ever heard of a purple
animal and anyway monkeys cant use guns. My dad said tommy those aren’t
monkeys they are martians. Ooooh! Then it made more sense.


For a long time you had to shoot those monkeys and for the rest of the
game you do that. Some other martians come, green ones and they were
harder to kill but I did it. Also they have zimbies that come at you.
Those ones are pretty scary and I had to go turn on the lights. Also
you get to drive a car. Its fun to run over people. The man at the
website said I should write my favorite things and not favorite and a
rating at the end:


  • Fun to shoot bad guys
  • Lot of people like it
  • Seen ads on tv for it
  • Bad guys have funny voices like on a cartoon
  • Pretty looks

Not good

  • I cant understand that story
  • Too short
  • Too much talking
  • I wish I got the one with the free helmet so I can put it on my cat scruffles

But anyway for my halo 3 review I give it 10 stars from 10 starts just
like I seen all the game magazines give. Those play games all the time
so they must be right. Thanks for reading my review and I hope you buy
halo it is the best game of all time. Boy oh boy I can't wait to see
halo 4. GOod night.