The Cryptic & Beautiful Poetry Of Spam Emails

Ocean 2
Let's be honest here: A person usually has to be pretty dense to be fooled by a spam email these days. I mean seriously, they really aren't even trying anymore. You can usually tell a spam email by its subject line, which is almost always something about discount pills, penis size, or some half-assed generic and obviously fabricated message like "Some photos of the cute kids..." or "Having a great time on our family vacation!".

Lately though, I've come across a new and fascinating type of spam. It seems that in a desperate (and failed) attempt to bypass filters, some spammers seem to have resorted to copying random lines of text from different pieces of literature or poems and combining them to form emails. And although this system does strike me as a tremendous waste of everyone's time and effort, I do enjoy the hilariously strange poems which were unintentionally created as a result of it.

Here are some of my favorites:


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