Engrish Movie Reviews: Part 1

Where We're Going...We Don't Need RoadsHello and hail and well meet! My name is Bazul and I am coming from United Arab Emerate! I am here today to be talking to you about the best films of America! America is being a great country and the films of America are being great as well (if logic proceeds)!

Some films are great, but some are greater even than others of this style! This article means to talk about only the greatest. So come with and join me to see the sights of great America films! Todays reviews are: Transformers Movie, Get Back to The Future, Ghostbuster, and The Evil Dead 2.
(I am translate this page for you from the language of my country, so please do not be ashamed if there are some mistakes or parts are broken).

The Film of...Transformers Movie

TransformersMovie Plot

An ancient struggle re-appear aliens on Earth between the two classes, the heroic Autobot Robots and the evil Decepticons Robots, with a runway for the last power held by an adolescent.


Transformers movie is beautiful! Rapingly created by famous director Micheal Bay (who had also directed Rock, starring James Bone)! This particular period of the film stars brown-skin child Shia LaBeouf and unclean whore Megan fox. Through the entire film, this girl was dressed in the clothes of ill-repute, and, besides, the director has commanded her to do it, so she cannot be blamed for her beauty! But in most caes, it is much more fun if you enjoy watching big robots punching kompjutorizirani biting and other large kompjutorizirani robots!

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Love or glory!

The Film of...Get Back to The Future

Back To Future 2Movie Plot

Martin McFly, American teenager of the Eighties is generally incidental to the return in 1955 plutonium-powered DeLorean "time machine" by a small but crazy scientist named Doc Brown. During his often hysterical, always amazed trip back to time, Marty must make certain his teenage parents to engage in intercourse so he in turn can go back...to the future!


My favorite part of this film is the main actor Michael Fox, the man who suffers from the shaking disease. Nevertheless, this does not interfere, and here he gives a high productivity, high class performange, together with your doctor, the man named Emmit. Many of the greatest scenes from movies are here:
  1. A scene with a shag dog driving a time machine car!
  2. The scene in which white farmers believe Martin is an alien space creature and fire guns!
  3. In the scene at the charming sea dance (Martin plays licks on the guitar and black citizens are impressed)!

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Good Time!

The Film of...Ghostbuster

GhostbusteringMovie Plot

Three of the unemployed men of New York set to to work for the expulsion of a world of ghost. They decided to set up shop in the old fire station and become trappers of pesky ghost, and spirits, and haunts, and the evil spirits for the money. It is wise - eliminate their way through the city, and stumble at the gate to another dimension! Unfortunate for them (and other citizens however) they will release untold evil on the city. The Ghostbusters are then called upon at that time to save the Big Apple. Ghostbusters! 


This movie had me on the edge of my seat for most of the time. There is Laughter. There are fun. There are many good times to be considered when you are spending time with the four ghostbusters: Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, the black one, and the rest.

The film is so very funny! I could not stop laughing no matter how hard I had tried, though my mind and heart were filled with fear from the great satan and the spirits. At some points I feared greatly that I had urinated, and checking my seat, found nothing except for air. This was lucky. There are many devils and satanic symbols in the film, and this film is no exception. In general, this one is wild ghostbusters all around, a heck of a monster of a ride! Keep your hats on!

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Whose Afraid O No Ghosts!

The Film of...The Evil Dead 2

Evil Dead 2Movie Plot

In this (The remaked version of the movie The Evil Dead), A young man named Ash takes his girlfriend Linda to a lonely cabin, and plays back a professor of tape recorded recitation. These are PASSAGES from the Book of the Dead (a book). Read the book and cast spells of an evil power! Truly, he does this and the spell calls up an evil force! His girlfriend died next. When the dead spirit of her shows up, the night becomes non-stop humor, and a battle with Chainsaw and guns to one side, demon horde with the flying eyeball on the other.


This film is very popular with lonely men of low standing in the united states, and I can see why! I'm scared of all the thrills and chills I have experienced in this popular dead monsters thriller! And truly, like Ghostbusters, the film is in any case, the laughter can pass the laugh. Here, look at a few interesting situations which can occur when one watches:
  1. Ash is the hero, and fights his own hands, the rights to which are currently held by the dark prince himself
  2. Ash hero sees his dead naked girlfriend outside the window, and looks so that he may see it hurriedly. After this, his girlfriend attacks! Teaching him a lesson about peeping on women, even the dead ones.
  3. Ash the hero is actor Bruce Campbell, a jokestar and a trickster by his trade. He also is known from the TV program Hercules The Legendary (as he played a character in this exhibition).
Overall, look out over the breadth of your video store for this title, because most have it. If you see it in the store, gets to the counter for payment right away! It is worth the cost of the price.  

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8/10 STAR
Fireworks! Thumb it!

I hope you all of you have enjoyed reading my reviews and summary of these perfect American films. I hope to create more reviews if you would like to read them. I hope this was not too difficult for you to read, but I am only learning little english so far.
Thank you very much my friends!