Sadness – Manchild

You are the…

Hulking Manchild

Tell me about the rabbits again.

You are the…

Hulking Manchild

Tell me about the rabbits again.

are a very special person. You have lots of friends. There is Tony who
works at the hamburger restaurant. There is Amy who helps at the
school. There is the bus driver Mr. Tomlin. So many friends and so many
things to do. Sometimes you go on walks in the park in the sun. But now
you know that when the alarm on your watch beeps you must go home.
Before you had the alarm you were in the park throwing peanuts to the
squirrels and suddenly it had become very dark.

You tried to go home
but a man stopped you under the bridge and said you should give him
your wallet. You said “Alright mister but you have to give it back!”
The man took it and looked inside and became very cross. He said “A
ticket stub to the children’s museum? An empty mild sauce packet? Some
bottle caps and buttons? What is this some kind of joke?” and threw
everything on the ground. You said “Hey mister those are my prizes!”
and bent to pick them up. You heard a noise and the next thing you knew
you were in a bed at the hospital. “Why am I here?” you asked the
doctor. “It’s alright Tommy you just fell.” He said, and his face was
all messed up. Then they brought you some banana pudding and you got to
watch Bob Newhart all night. It was a good time.

Bob Newhart

Your Sadness Level: Things are pretty!


Your IQ: 71


What’s on your TV?

  • The Price is Right
  • Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
  • That One Man Who Yells About God

What’s Coming Out of Your Stereo?

  • The Lion King Soundtrack
  • The Beach Boys
  • Cher

Cher Horse

What’s in your Trash?

  • Jar of Unopened Peanut Butter
  • Countless McDonalds Wrappers
  • Dead Mouse in Shoebox
Sinister Ronald

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