Resume Guy

Hi my name is Tommy and I am 36 years old. I am looking for a good job
and be paid money so I can buy one playstations three entertainment
game system. I am a very good worker and aiming for the star. Also this
is called a resume and it has pictures in it too. They said to me tommy
a resume doesnt have to have pictures maybe it shouldnt but I think
people like pictures and anyhow it looked real boring.


Tommy Morten

My address is: 422 roanoke street in Blacksburg west Virginia zip code 24060
Phone number: 961-3395 (and 540 area code too)



I went to the kids school Rosevelt elementary until I got older
Now I am at the Hitcheson School for Adults and am learning to be a good production of socity
My teacher Ms Kinnesy give me a paper and says I should write a GPA
here to show my grades and that I am a good student it is= GPA 3.1

Class Kids


  • Reading: I like reading
    and I like riting too. There is this scary story I rote about gremlings
    that maybe I can put on this website if they let me. People would like
    that story.
  • Black People (forgot the real name): In this class you learn about black people like the ungrounded railroad and George Washington Carver invented the peanit
  • Art: I can do good at
    art. I can draw one apple pretty good but bananas and pine apples are
    very hard to draw. Once I drew my cat Scruffles but then he got hit by
    a car and it made me sad to see so I thrown it away
  • Speech: Speech class is OK I am good
    at speeches. one time though I was giving a speech on reptiles and Toby
    Jones yelled out there is a fire but ms Kinnesy says quiet Toby there
    aint no such thing and I laughed and can’t even finish my speech
  • Math: P-U I don’t like
    math it is a bad subject and I never seen the point. what dumb
    questions like how fast trains are going and how many apples is on a
    cart. Who would care about a thing like that it sounds pretty ridiculis
    if you asked me.
  • Biology: boy is this
    class ever hard. You find all about bugs and take them apart putting
    pins in them. This is gross. I think even a dead bug can bite me so I
    wouldn’t touch it.
  • Rocks: This class you
    learn about a rock and how it is made and what kind of place it come
    from. I dont like this class. I seen plenty of rocks outside and you
    can even throw those. I thrown a rock in class once and the teacher Ms
    Marple got real sore



Things I can do    

  • I run faster than any student in the school but not Andrew Fich.
  • I count money up to ten dollars fifty cent
  • I can find all the verbs in one sentence they are action words)
  • My uncle Lewis used to let me mow his lawn and pay me 5 dollars. I can do this.
  • I took the bus downtown without anyone but got lost and had to ask a policeman for help and he brung me to the school
  • My moms friend had a baby named rosie. I can hold it very carefully and didn’t drop her even once. Babies smell nice.
  • I made one notebook full of old scraps
  • I can play that song chop sticks and one part of beytoven. Then I am trying to learn that halo video game song to show my dad


Apple Computer

Computer Skills

  • I can use windows start menu on a computer (the new one)
  • I can use microsofts word and I am using it right now! 
  • I can play games on the computer. Peggle is a fun game and so is freddy fish.
  • I may use the internet but only if my dad help because one time I
    found naked people on accident in my dads my documents folder. It made
    me feel funny to see that


Jobs I Had    

Clean Up

Sids Bakery fourth street    work from June 2006 to 2007

I done plenty of good stuff at sids bakery and I worked there for more
than one year. Sid is a nice man and give me plenty of jobs to do but
one time he seen me dipping my hands in the dough from a cake and
licking them. he said uh uh tommy that wont do at all and never to do
it again but I got hungry and one day ate some more. Again he seen it
and said alright enough is enough youre out. After that had to make
this paper.


Burger King Restraunt Miller Street            worked there one month 2005

The only good thing about this burger king is that I got free food
working there. The man brian who told me what to was not good he said
many things like get a load of tommy and put papers on my head and
things. One time he said little boy tommy fat tommy like singing it and
everyone laughes so I pushed him and his hand went in the fries machine
and he screamed real loud like a lady. I had to leave and the policeman
come and talk to me. It was funny though when he yelled.

Work for Dad

Dads house            from long time

Ms Kinnesy says I should put this on here as a job but it isn’t a real
one. Since I was a kid my dad made me always do things he said to my
mom once it would make me feel more normal but I don’t know what it
means. I feel fine.

But anyhow I did thing like cleaning up things from the floor and
bathroom (yick) and mop and swept the house out. Once my dad came home
real late and ask me to take this shirt he had and wash it good in the
wash machine. It smelled pretty like that lady we seen at the park one
time. I am a good worker you should hire me though. Thank you very much.
- Tommy