Black People Are Good Folks

Black GuyBy Tommy Perkins
I dont think my granpa Carvello likes black people much. Every time were in the car and a black guy even comes close he presses the button so the door locks real quick.

one time I asked: hey granpa why did you do that anyhow and he says: You know you got to watch those people tommy. I don't know why. I seen many black guys and there all nice.

And let me tell you about my favorite three black guys now!

Black worker at great foods 53th street exit

StoreMs. jones gave me a reminding to start each sentence with a capitol letter so i  am trying my best. Hope i can remember but ill sure try!!

My first black guy I know is named moses. Moses work down at the GREAT FOODS grovery sorry GROCERY store that is close to the Learning Center. Mom gives me five dollars every day to go to the Great Foods and by anytning i  want. Boy oh boy what a treat! So after school each day i go to get some candies or bread pieces or anything.

I can get the things and then go to the front and put all of it on the rolling part and it goes to Moses who works on the cash register machine. hey tom-bo whats new! he says, and always the same thing every day. he is frendly to me. but the REAL REASON he is my friend is one day i was lookin at the books at the front and some have a strange dark cover on them. i said what is behind this black color anyhow? And moses says, the ladies tommy its the ladies! i dint know what he meant so moses took one book (i forgot the name) and shown me the inside. there were ladies inside and even with no close on! one had a cowboy hat. it made me feel real funny and i went home it made me go in the bathroom in my pants (number 1) i think because there were stain in there.

Thanks MOSES!


Roymy mom and my first (real) dad jim had a fight a long time ago and then for some time jim went away on a trip for work. I asked my mom when he is coming back but she always just said hopefully never if we play our card right. This didnt make no sense but she never would explain nothin in those times so i dont ask no more.

Jim dint ever come back, BUT my mom had a good friend to come over after by the nameof: Roy from ohio. Roy is black but you should know it by the title at the top of this part silly.! Roy visit us a lot and then soon roy lived there (at our house even and slept in moms bed. they must be good friends to sleep in the same bed.

sometimes there is loud noise up there too like BOOM BOOM BIM lik they are building somethin up there and i cant sleep. I went to look after school one day but I didnt even see anything like hammer or tools. strange. so at brekfast one day i said hey what is all that racket are you too building shelfs up there at night! My mom and roy just laughed and laughed and then finally roy said yah tommy I guess you could say that.

then  after much time Roy went back to live in ohio and my mom and me were alone. I was sad for a while but then glad because no more shelves and I can sleep. Weww!

Black Guy ON The Train

TrainIn one of our Family vacations we went to see Washingtons BC. Before we went mom says tommy we are going to take a train there arent you excited! I said what the heck is a train. Mom says dont be silly Tommy you have seen a train before, and then she explain what one is. I smack my head and said OH YEAH off course I was silly.

In a train there are good things. best is the viewing Car. Buildings. Cars. Sheep. Roads Or Cars. everything you can see out of this car with HUGE windows. Downstairs from there they have a food car. The black guy I know he works down there, named maurice. then oneday i went down to food car to get prentzel with no salt no mustard. Maurice is working down there that day. He say hello! Tommy my friend how goes the battle? I said to hello maurice please give me one prenzel no SALT NO MUSTARD. HE SAID ok Tommy coming right up!

Then the good part is I give 3dollars for it and and he said here tommy let me give you somethin to wash that down with and gave me one small can: Coke! I said hey maurice but I dont have no more money to pay he said dont you worry about it tommy its on the house. I looked up but dint see nothin. Then he says no it means FREE! i laughed and count stop and one old lady in a booth looked scared.

Maurice is one nice black guy.