24 Face-Explodingly Insane Pieces Of Fan Art

Fan Art


Question: Do you enjoy viewing amateur art drawn by fans of various things? If so, this may be just the article for you.

But before I get started, I'd like to make it clear that my intention is not to cut down or ridicule the artists behind these images, as I feel that doing so would be inexcusably cruel (even by my fairly loose moral standards). And frankly, even if I did want to make fun of this stuff, I'm not sure I'd even know where to begin. I mean, I have a hard enough time writing jokes about things I can comprehend, so there's probably no point in me trying to wring extra humor out of something as mystifying as a bunch of deeply religious Naruto sketches someone posted to Deviantart.

So that why for this gallery, I'm playing it straight. No smart-ass jokes or pointless captions to distract you from the photos. So come right in and pull up a chair. There's more than enough lunacy to go around.

16 Baffling Warning Signs Which Will Hasten Your Death

Engrish Sign


Rest assured: I'm well aware that I've already published way too many pointless photo galleries of Nonsensical Warning Signs. I also know that I'm probably the only sentient creature in the universe who finds stick figures being dismembered so entertaining, but what can I say? I like 'em!

So for what is probably the last time, I've [borrowed] a bunch of signs from The Stick Figures In Peril Flickr Pool and reposted them here without getting permission from any of the wonderful people who actually took the time to photograph and upload them.
But hey, if you own any of these pictures and don't want some asshole like me using them, just Send Me An Annoyed Email and I'll remove them right away.

17 Endearingly Bizarre Costume Photos To Give You Sweet Nightmares

Image removed.

Sure, maybe I like to make fun of bad costumes from time to time, but
I'm no bully. So that's why I'm gonna try to be extra nice when I write
the captions for these clunky and unsettling pictures I found on the
website of What
Appears To Be A Small Rental Center In Virginia
Honestly I think that's all the explaining I need to do. So join us,
won't you? Thank you.