Otherkin is a lot like being black in the 50s. What I mean by this is
that coming out of the closet as an Otherkin (like coming out as a
black person) can be dangerous to your health. I personally have had
people shout slurs at me in the park, had a large carton of
Whoppers candy thrown at my back, and been denied a position in data
entry simply because I am not shy about telling people that my body
contains the soul of an ancient dragon named Stryyker.

So since not
many people in the world seem to understand what it means to be an
Otherkin, I figured I would write this Q&A to straighten you
people out. 


Dragon Drawing

Q. What is
an Otherkin?

A. Simple!
An Otherkin is a nonhuman creature who was accidentally born into the
body of a human. You might laugh when you hear this, but let me assure
you that it is indeed possible. “Scientists” might try to tell you that
a person’s consciousness, behavior, and feelings come from their brains
as they develop. Don’t make me laugh! What they are forgetting is the
soul, which is really where your personality comes from.

Some of you
might also laugh at the idea of a soul. But just because there isn’t any
evidence for something doesn't mean it isn't real. Just look at molecules. A science
teacher might tell you they are all around, but who has ever seen a
molecule? That’s right: nobody. They aren't real.

Dragon Tales

Q. I think
I am an Otherkin. How can I find out for sure?

A. Well
finding out you’re Otherkin isn’t as easy as you might think. It's a
lot more difficult than finding out you’re gay. For that, I assume one
day you'd just be walking down the street and another man bending over
to pick up some litter. You'd think  “Oh, my...” and suddenly
everything becomes clear. Realizing you're Otherkin isn't quite so
easy, I'm afraid.

For me it was watching an episode of Dragon Tales
(crazy as it seems) that brought out my inner dragon. I felt a deep
connection to the characters that I’d never felt, even for
other humans. This even goes for my girlfriend Tina. As big and
beautiful as she is, sometimes I can’t help but think of another dragon
when I
have love with her.  

Armored Armadillo

Q. Aren’t
you people just crazy?

A. No.
This is another big misconception about Otherkin. I fail to understand
this judgmental society of ours has to have a label for everybody. Just
because a person thinks they were born an angel, believes they have
magical powers, and imagines their back is itching because wings are
trying to grow out of, it does not
mean they're crazy. Mental illness might be the case for the majority
of otherkin, but you shouldn’t assume it's the case for all of us.

One interesting event was when my therapist
“diagnosed” me as mildly schizophrenic and borderline autistic. I
couldn’t contain my inner dragon’s rage. I invoked my true name
(Stryyker) by shouting it, and tipped over his coffee table and kicked
a beanbag chair. After that, he wouldn’t see me anymore. He must have
felt pretty sheepish after that. I guess
revealing some of my true powers showed him I wasn’t crazy after

Elf EarsQ. Can you
provide any evidence of your otherkin-ness?

first of all the correct term would be “otherkine”, not otherkin-ness.
Secondly, can you provide evidence that you are human (no) so shut your
trap. Thirdly, all of the evidence is there, most people just choose
not to
believe it. Here are a few things.


  1. I did witness
    my friend call lightning down from the sky on one occasion.
    daemonic Otherkin) informed us he was going to display his power to us
    and then nodded knowingly. At that time I did then see a bolt of
    strike the ground a few miles away. There was not a storm in the area
    at the time. The nearest storm was quite far off. I’d like to see
    science explain that one

  2. Pop
    Beings such as angels, demons, dragons, and
    werewolves have
    been in popular culture since the beginning of time. Famous painter
    Leonardo drew pictures of angels. Television shows feature witches and
    ghosts. Dragons and demons can be seen in other arts in the museum.
    There is a connection here people. Open your eyes.

  3. Dinosaur

    If you’ve been to a museum and seen the dinosaur bones there,
    you’ve essentially seen the birth of Dragonic Otherkine. You will
    notice that all dinosaurs have two eyes, two arms, two legs, and five
    fingers. I assure you this is not a coincidence. Tell this to a
    professor of natural history and watch his eyes grow wide. That's fear
    you're seeing.

    Dog Logo

  4. Thousands
    of people believe they are Otherkin.
    Most of these people
    the same things. If you know anything about math, you would
    realize that it is statistically impossible that this could
    occur randomly. The only logical explanation for this is
    that there is a common elder thread which woves these people

    What, are you going to try to tell me that all Otherkin are
    emotionally damaged loners or mentally unstable nutcases who’ve simply
    latched onto a common supernatural explanation for their inability to
    socially instead of facing up to the awful fact that they’re actually
    just unlikable or unattractive social-cripples? That’s a little
    far-fetched for my tastes. 

is all I shall explain about Otherkin for now. If anyone has any
additional questions for me, feel free to email this site and they will
forward them to me. I will answer them if they are intelligent and I if
have time. Thanks friends.