Christian Game Review - Splinter Cell Conviction

Christian Game Reviewer - Lucas BellHello
fellow Christians, and welcome to yet another edition of Christian Game
Reviews: The hottest place to find godly reviews of all your favorite
animated games! This time around I'm taking a look at Splinter
Cell: Conviction
a fighting action game for the Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Wii, and
Gameboy videogame systems. As is typical for an obscenely violent game
full of sex with minors, homosexuality, and gambling, Splinter
Cell: The Conviction
has been garnering rave reviews from the
secular press.
But while this may be good enough cause for John Q. Parent to run right
out and purchase this game for Little Billy, those who live by the law
of The Lord would do well to think twice before plunking down their
hard-earned Christian dollars on this little jaunt through Sodom and



Christian Game Review - Splinter Cell Conviction

The main character, Sam "The Fish" Fishler, is an escaped convict with
a bone to pick with the man. Having recently been charged with robbery
and sexual assault, he is on the run from the law after raping and
murdering a guard and escaping from the federal penitentiary. His
mission: To avenge the death of his daughter Tracy at the hands of evil
men. As you can probably tell already, this is not a game which is
suitable for children or women. 
Throughout the game, Fishler will be called upon to perform "torture
executions" on key characters, for which the player will be rewarded
points and fresh guns. These executions are gruesome beyond compare,
and encourage the player (meaning children) to perform the following
actions on an enemy he is torturing:

  • Smash his head through a sink
  • Burn his face on a griddle
  • Put him in a locker
  • Shove his head through a brick wall
  • Put his head in the toilet
  • Cuss at him and hit him with your gun
  • Put him in a clothes dryer

Some might try to defend these actions by claiming that the enemies you
use these attacks against are "bad guys" but this is no excuse. God
loves all his children equally aside from homosexuals and women of low
moral character. As I saw no evidence that either of these traits were
held by the enemies in this game (most of them appeared to be good
Christian white men), and as such, this reviewer finds the violence
against them to be offensive at a molecular level.
God did not create molecules a few hundred years ago so that humans
could squander them on the manufacture of CDs which could then be utilized for this sort of satanic
filth. Such things lead only to damnation.


 Christian Game Review - Splinter Cell Conviction

The most egregious offense comes in the form of recorded dialogue.
Occasionally enemies will cry out while engaged in battle with Fishler.
Most of the time these exclamations are what you would expect from a
game of this sort ("Die!" "You're going down!" etc) but from time to
time they devolve into the sexually obscene.
For example, towards the beginning of the game, certain enemies will
shout things similar to "Sam I f***ed your daughter's face, and it was
good!" to which Sam will respond, "You bastard, I'll f*** your eyes out
and s*** in your throat!" While I understand this is a realistic way
for criminals to talk, I really did not need it in my living room. My
four young children (ages four through ten) were watching me play the
game, and call me old fashioned, but I don't feel like this kind of
language should ever be heard by small children.
More to this point, my eight-year-old recently threw a toy hammer
through our sliding door and threatened to "S*** f*** my face" if I
wouldn't let him watch cartoons. I was so shocked I nearly forgot to
slap him. Could a videogame really hold so much power over a child? The
answer, of course, is a resounding yes.
I think we all know where to lay the blame: Right at the feet of Tom
Clancy, the creator of this game. Shame on you Mr. Clancy. Shame on you.


 Christian Game Review - Splinter Cell Conviction

Thankfully, Splinter Cell: The Conviction contains little in
way of witchcraft or witchery. However, this does not mean it is wholly
free of darkly accoutrements. The entire basis of the game revolves
skulking in the shadows, a practice favored by practitioners of the
unclean arts. You did not see godly characters such as John The
Baptist, Baby Moses, or the Good King Solomon slithering around in the
darkness like serpents, nor should you have. As the good book says: "A
man who is virtuous and true shall carry a torch with him wherever he
shall go. In doing so, he brings the light of The Lord to all things.


Christian Game Review - Splinter Cell Conviction

In addition to the sexual cursing detailed above (which apparently
wasn't enough), this game contains a number of other horrific cusses.
Just off the top of my head, I can point to frequent usages of the
S-Word, the F-Word, the MF-Word, the C-Word, The D-Word, and the
R-Word. Peripheral characters are often referred to as D-Bags, D-Holes,
and C-Bags, and innocent bystanders are frequently told to "Get F-ing
down" or "J yourself off" or "get the hell out of the F-ing way" in as
rude of a manner as possible. Would it kill you, Mr. Fishler, to say
"Please" or "Thank You" once and a while? Apparently it would.


Christian Game Review - Splinter Cell Conviction

It pains me to admit it, but at it's heart, Splinter Cell:

does indeed contain a proper Christian message. Throughout the game, I
found myself wondering "if my daughter was murdered by terrorists,
wouldn't I do the very same things (murder, rape, sodomy, etc) to get
vengeance for her?" The answer of of course, is a resounding yes. It is
the right --nay, the duty-- of the good and righteous man to
wreak his own brand of godly justice upon those who have wronged his
family. It is the one and only time in which it is appropriate to
commit horrible acts of sin. In other words "If you mess with my
family, Katy, bar the door, because all bets are off."
But through I might agree with the message at the game's core, I still
cannot bring myself to approve of it's existence. The bottom line is
that those who wish to live vicariously through a tale of bloody
vengeance need only look so far as the pages of their Gideon Bible, to
the story of Christ Himself, who was murdered by godless heathens,
subsequently rose from the dead, and proceeded to rain fiery vengeance
down upon those who would oppose his will.


Christian Game Review - Splinter Cell Conviction Hell
 Take Care When Playing With Children Around