Chapter 2,223

Detective Trevor Whipple sat at his desk eating a sandwich. Suddenly there came a knock on his office door.

"Who is it?" asked the detective, wiping the blood from his mouth and setting the severed head down gently.

"It's Daniel," said a voice outside the door.

The Detective stood and pulled up his pants, tucking in his shirt.


"I said, Daniel"

"Sorry I don't know anyone named Daniel," said the detective slyly, twirling his handlebar mustache around his finger.

"Ha-HA!" shouted the man as he kicked open the office door, bursting inside.

He looked quickly around, and spotting the bowler hat on Trevor's coat rack, gave a shout. After snatching the hat he sprinted to the window and kicked at the screen, sending it clattering to the sidewalk 17 stories below.

"You've double crossed me for the last time Johnson," shouted the man, "and now I've got your bowler hat!"

"The source of my power!" cried the detective, spinning in his desk chair and pumping his fist.

The thief jumped out the window, landing with a grunt on the street below. He stood and dusted himself off with a horsehair brush. Then he entered a nearby diner and ordered split pea soup. Upon being informed by the clerk that this particular diner did not in fact serve split pea soup, he exited the diner and stood in the street.

"Stop thief!" the detective shouted out the window.

"Fiddle-dee-dee, can't catch me!" The thief began to dance.

"What are you, a leprechaun?" The detective asked.

"Nevermind," said the thief, "off I go!"

"Get bag here with my hat you wretched vagabond!" shouted the detective, leaning out the window and shaking his fist as the man ran down the lane.

Footsteps faded into the night. The detective wondered how the man could have escaped. He had done everything he could to stop him. It was a shame he didn't have a motorcar, he thought, or he could have run the scoundrel down like a small child. Luckily he always kept a spare hat in his desk drawer. He walked over to his desk and slowly pulled open the drawer. Insidewas a small white slip of paper. He unfolded it and read aloud:

"Do you like me? Check yes or no."

There were two boxes: One marked "yes", and the other, "no". After reading this, the detective gave up all hope. If only he would have found the lost storehouse of Tehotiacana just 3 days earlier.

If only...