The Baron's Guide to Slang

Gang SignBy Martin "The Baron" Russmier
Recently I paid a visit to my local electronics store. After browsing for a short time, I approached one of the employees, a young urban youth (he was white in case you’re planning to call me a racialist) to ask if they carried the boxed set of the original Batman cartoon series. The ignorant young'n took a moment to think, and then replied in the only way I assume he had learned “on the streets”: By babbling some incomprehensible nonsense. I had no clue what he was trying to tell me, so I never got my DVD.

I assume many of the more educated among you have this same problem as well when trying to communicate with these street people, so with this in mind, I’ve done some research and come up with this guide to urban slang for those who require it.


BuzzedThis means a person is high on illegal substances. It is most commonly used for mary jane weed, cocaine pills, or ecstasy (also called x-lax).

 “Yum, I got buzzed last night and then went out to do some criming. Blues (the police) can’t touch me.”

Gang Bumper

When a person is in a gang or they are called a gang bumper by others. Be careful how you deal with them: Gangs can be dangerous! I say just walk away if they talk to you.

“Yeah, y’alls no Sam is a dang gang bumper right?”

BusinessGiving The Business

Giving someone a hard time. For example, if you had made a stupid decision and bought a powder blue suit, someone would be doing this do you when they make fun of it.

“Check out that silly new monitor that Chloe bought for her PC, let’s give her the business about it!”

Keep Off That Grass

Stay away! You might be walking down the street towards a group of men when someone says this to you. Stop right away and turn around! You are heading into gang territory, and they don’t take kindly to strangers. You might lose your wallet, or even your life.

“Hey son (friend), you better keep off that grass or you’re gonna get dog boned (killed).”



Starting up a party.

“Woooo! The wine coolers are here! Let’s all get get chulking and cause a crunk!”


Pronounced “Propes”, you say this when you’d like to give someone kudos for an accomplishment or a particularly fine rap they’ve just performed.

“Definitely I give you props for that crazy rhyme you just did. I never heard a rhyme that was that much tight (good) in a grip (long period of time).

WoofWoof Woof

Many times when a group of men sees a woman they think is ugly, one of them will use this term to describe her. Personally I think this is uncalled for. What’s the matter with just saying “she doesn’t tickle my fancy”?

“Hey guys, check out that woof woof over there. I wouldn’t touch that spooky chick. No doubt.”

Piece of 40

Forty ounces of hard liquor. Urban people often buy things in bulk because it saves money (something not many of them have a lot of), and alcohol is no exception. Buying in bulk is practical.

“Hey dog, pop down to the corner market and slap me up with a piece of 40 from there. I’ve got that old urge again like in the old days.”


Cops. Police. The Fuzz. Street racers use this term to warn others when the police are around, so they know when it is safe to race.

Poppos off the block, let’s rock! (time to begin the race).”

Baby Blues


“Sweet lady, you have some wide, clear baby blues. I could fall into those beautiful eyes.”

Hear ThatI’m Not Trying To Hear That Sound

Loosely translated, this is: I’m not listening, buddy! Just like when you were kids and you put your fingers in your ears and yelled “Lalalalalalalala”, this is what you do when someone is saying unbelievable things which you would rather not hear.

“I can’t believe you just told me you were in love with that girl who has a boyfriend! I’m not trying to hear that sound.”

Hollar Back At Me

Yell at me when I yell at you; don’t back down. If someone you know is giving you the business, they might say this to get you to defend yourself.

“Hey man, when I hollar at you, don’t let me get away with it. You just go right ahead and hollar back at me, mujambo.”


Don’t let the kids read this one. It means that someone (usually a woman) has a large butt. While I can definitely appreciate a girl who is big and beautiful (like my girlfriend Tina) I don’t think this is appropriate. If anyone yells this at your main squeeze in a mall or parking lot, tell them politely to back off or face the consequences.

“Wow your wife is boot-delicious, I wish I could smack her right in the butt with a shovel.”

Most Def

Certainly. Here are the origins of this term: Def means cool, so when you say Most Def you are saying someone (or something) is the most cool it can be.

“Man…that shirt you are wearing is the most def shirt I could have ever imagined. Props on it.”


Someone foolish or ignorant.

“That foolie can’t even count ten plus ten. I’m going to bump (leave) out of here and get a piece of 40.”


This might seem self-explanatory but actually it might not mean what you think. A gangstarr is not nessecarily someone who is in a gang. It is also used to describe scary men who are rappers, pimps (sex workers), or who sell speakers.

“That Joel is a gangstarr, most def. I can get some drug action from him on the flipside (secretively)”


Used respectively on people whom are judged to be good-looking or not. These are the only terms on this list I actually approve of. I have to admit I often use them myself while watching TV.

“Oh no…that hottie just got in a car accident.”
“What in blazes? That nottie I was talking to turned out to be in love with me. I’m not trying to hear that sound.”

I Heard That

Simply enough, you use this phrase to let someone know you heard what they said. This way they won’t repeat themselves and look foolish.

“Yes, you already told me yesterday about your new Gameboy alright. I heard that. Don't bother me again.”


ButterfaceAn offensive term for fat women. I think this term came around because a fat girl’s face oftentimes is so saggy and such that is looks like a big slab of butter which is melting. Or possibly because she eats sticks of butter like candy bars and it gets on her face. I know my girlfriend does this sometimes if we run low on food.

“I wouldn’t date Charlene. She is a butterface haggamuffin and I hate her because of this fact.”

I hope you've come through to the other side of this with a better understanding of your urban friends. But please remember this is for reference only. I wouldn't want it to seem like I was encouraging people to talk like this. Let's use the Queen's Englishes when we talk, or none at all.