How To Create a Heroic Self-Defense Kit

Taser Self DefenseBy Martin "The Baron" Hubley
An attack on your person can come at any moment from any direction. It only takes a second for a robber, muggist, or raper to end your life forever. It can happen to anyone. It happened to me...
It was a warm summers eve, 9:30 PM, and I was exiting the movie theater after having just viewed the latest and greatest Harold Potter (it was superb, obv!). I had stayed behind to watch the credits, and when I left the film the parking lot was nearly empty. Upon reaching my vehicle I found that a number of serious-looking young men were leaning against my vehicle in a disrespectful fashion. Immediately the hair on my neck stood up. "Danger" I thought to myself in my mind, "Danger."
Luckily my veins were still running electric with adrenaline from the great ending of the film. I rose to my full height and poffed out my chest as I fingered my utility knife in my pocket of my pants. "Get away!" I shouted, "Get out! This is private!" For a moment the boys looked confused and weary. I tensed, readying my strike. But luckily for them they shrugged and walked off into the night. No blood was to be shedded this night.
As hallowing as this story is, just know that it could happen to you (or someone you love). So read faithful viewer, read on on if you want to learn about the tools to stop those who would harm you in the darkest hourst.

My Kit

Carryance Bag

fanny packThe #1 most important aspect of self-defense tools is always keeping them handy. This means having somewhere to carry them. It doesn't matter if you use a purse, backpack, plastic grocery bag, or satchel, the bottom line is that you ALWAYS have it on your person. Personally, I utilize a midnight blue JanSport utility pack (AKA a fanny pack) because I've found that it is bar-none the best way to have all my security weapons available (and to still look smokin hot while doing it).
For backup I always carry two packs, one in the front and one in the back. People often laugh when they see me wearing it, but I'm quite sure they won't be laughing when I save their worthless little lives.


When I'm out doing neighborhood watch patrols I always wear my brown desert camo safari vest. It has 10 or 15 pockets in which I can store my various tools and weapons, and since I don't wear any shirt under it, it manages to keep me cool even in hot summer months. For self defense this type of vest is a must.


Combat BootsIt might seem silly to you lay-men, but a good pair of boots is one of the most important self-defense tools a person can own. There are THREE (count 'em) reasons behind this:
  1. They Can Holster A Knife. Personally I keep a solid steel punch dagger in each of my boots as a backup in case my other weapons are disarmed from me. Try that with tennis shoes!

  2. Charlie Don't Wear Sandals. And neither should you. Are you planning to pursue a suspect while wearing crocs with socks? I hope not, because if so you are destined for the dead scrap heaps of people who died getting killed.
So as you can see, a good pair of boots is nothing to scoff at. I own 5 or 6 pair of standard issue S.W.A.T. boots which I wear with a pair of thick tube socks, which I then tuck (or blouse to use the military term) my cargo pants into. Now that's what I call "Giving 'em the boot!"

My Gear

A Gun

Gun AwesomeAlthough I know quite a lot about GUN SAFETY, I don't actually carry a gun myself. But obviously it is a necessity for any intelligent person's survival kit. you might not always need a gun, but when you DO need one, brother, do you ever need one! There is no hardened fast rule about what type or style of gun you should buy, but the bottom line is that you should always have SOMETHING. Keep it in your purse, keep it in a gym bag, keep it under the seat of your car, it doesn't matter AS LONG AS YOU HAVE IT!
If you're still wondering why, allow me to tell you a story. Recently a man was visiting a local amusement park with his young daughter. A crude young man came up and touched the daughters bosom or buttock and she screamed. The father began shouting at the groper and calling him racial names. The groper then called 12 of his "pals" on a cellphone. All of them then proceeded to arrive and beat the father up.

If this father would have had a gun NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED. At the very least he would have been able to kill or paralyze 6 or 7 of his attackers before police arrived. It's brutal I know, but that's the laws of the street.


I may not carry a gun, but I certainly make up for it with knife. I keep at least 5 knife on me AT ALL TIMES, NO EXCEPTIONS. I own approximately 50 knife of various kinds, and I choose which of these to carry each morning. Here is just a sample of what I could potentially be packing:
  • KnifeSolid Steel Punch Daggers. As I explained earlier, I always keep at least 2 of these knife in my boots. Essential.

  • Bayonette. My father gave me an old dubya dubya two bayonette as a gift one year. It's about a foot long and solid as a railroad spike. Now that's what I'm talkin about Willis!

  • Leatherman Tool. I own a leatherman (not name brand) which has a fairly large knive on it. It isn't much but it could definitely deal out some major hurt.

  • Knife MoreCeremonial Daggers. I'll admit, I'm a bit of a sucker for QVC knifes. I'm a late night owl, so I often catch the knive infomercial shows on TV. I have a hard time resisting, so as of now I own 13 ceremonial and ornamental daggers (such as: The Draco Twin Fantasy Set, Pirates of the Carribean Spinning Fist Dagger, and a basic Desert Assassin W/Sheath. Jealous yet? Thought so.)

  • Various Throwing Knife. After seeing the newest Batman movies I simply had to own some of this style of knive. I've purchased and practiced with many a knive over the years. I feel sorry for the crook who tries to steal something from me and runs away. Knifes to the back: *pip pip pip*!

  • Katana. My katana is the crowne jewel and the prided joy of my collection. It is your basic 40 incher, and I hear it can cut through brick and iron like butter. I got it for a steal: Only 14 bucks on Needless to say its the best purchase I have ever made. I've even used it to slice some copper pipe for my pops. He was impressed, natch. Ninjitsu, anyone?

My Wits

My WitsOf course I can't end this article without mentioning the most valuable self-defense weapon of all: My brain. As I've stated previously I have over 3 years of private security experience, I am self-taught in over 40 matrial arts, and I have won every fight I have participated in. Not to toot my own horn but basically what it comes down to is that my body is could pretty much be described as a finely tuned watch. A watch that can kill at the touch of a button. And that's the bottom line.
I hope this has given you a basic idea of how little time and money you actually need to invest to start defending yourself and your family/pets. I hope you will start today.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to CONTACT ME and I'll do my best to answer them. Also be sure to keep an eye out for the second article in this series, where I bust a bunch of self defense tool myths. Trust me, you'll definitely want to see that!
Stay safe out there fellas and fellinas.