The YouTube Sewer

Sewer SurfinI have discovered some strange and beautiful things on youtube. This article showcases my favorites. Of course I realize everyone is probably already sort of burned out from receiving thousands of random "funny" video links per day, but I have to say I'm fairly confident in the quality of my list.

So now, in (belated) celebration of Wright Brothers Day , I pass this video knowledge on to you. May it find you in the best of health. Or not. Whatever.

"New" Soul

Comment which most accurately represents this video:
  • Suklaakarkki4 

    good:D don't care those idiots who says you're fat and stupid:( i loved it!


"Hey everybody! Let's celebrate! Ow Ow!"

Explanation Not Given

I feel this one speaks for itself.

Bangin for Christ

Check the breakdown at 2:30. Woop woop.

No Soviet Russia Joke Here

Obviously this is extremely fake. But it is also extremely Russian and extremely entertaining, which makes up for that nicely.

Death Drug

The climactic scene from my favorite movie. Well maybe not favorite. Probably least favorite.

"And why mess up a good thing? And that's that."