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This time around: Toddlers Flung Through Windshields, Voodoo Grave Robbers, Sleeping Gas, An Innocent Man Requesting Guns From a Lawnmower, Abandoned Blind Women, and Nude Photos of Steven Seagal. OK, maybe not nude nude. Nude except for his clothes and shoes and eyes.
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Toddler Flies Over 18 Foot Wall In Crash
Bob Blount was playing cards with his wife Friday morning when they heard a crash and saw a toddler fly over the 18-foot soundwall near their back yard. The tiny body landed in the grass hard, bouncing twice.

The child, a 1½ -year-old boy, propelled out of a car that rolled over along Interstate 95, was practically uninjured.

"I think he was a little bit stunned," Blount said of the child, who was crying.
Man On Lawnmower Requests Guns Vehementy, Continuously
Police in an Ohio town said they received about 15 calls about a man on a riding lawnmower yelling that "he wanted his guns." [The man] was first seen riding his lawnmower near the courthouse on the town's Public Square at about 12:26 p.m. Tuesday with a homemade white flag bearing the words "not guilty" in black paint, The Medina Gazette reported Wednesday.

Lt. Bob Starcher said police "must have gotten 15 calls" about the man riding his mower and shouting that "he wanted his guns."

Williams was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct and later charged with a probation violation.
Blind Woman Left Alone on Airplane
A blind woman from Vancouver Island is not sure she'll ever fly alone again after she was forgotten by flight attendants and locked in a deserted plane at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. "I was instructed by the flight attendant to wait until everybody else got off the plane," said Cabot, 18, in an interview with CBC News from Jacksonville. "That's what they tell me every time so I didn't think anything of it."

She said she heard the other passengers leave and then the unmistakable sound of the aircraft door being sealed shut.

"And then, just complete silence. And I started calling out with no response."

She said she was stuck for 10 minutes, uncertain what to do, but was found by a maintenance crew that happened to enter the aircraft.
Voodoo Suspected Motive In Attempted Grave Robbery
Police say a man may have dug up a partially raised grave at a local cemetery in order to steal dirt to use for religious purposes.

Sunday, workers noticed a grave had been disturbed at the cemetery and on Monday afternoon a parks security officer noticed two men walking away from the grave. When they saw the officer, both men took off running. During the chase, the officer says Andres Sotelo-Rivero, 44, threw a brick at him..
Inside the backpack [one man] was carrying, officers found a tire iron, a hammer and bones. The bones are human remains, the medical examiner confirmed. County workers said it's likely the bones were stolen to be used for voodoo rituals. They said it's becoming a growing problem, and it's the third such theft this year alone.
The bones are often found at an area beach, along with goat and chicken heads.
Burglars Used Sleeping Gas For Robberies
New Delhi police said thieves are pouring sleep-inducing gas into air conditioning units to knock out homeowners during burglaries. Investigators said the thieves pour the gas into the window-mounted units, which fan air through wet grass, and wait for homeowners to fall asleep before relieving them of their valuables, Sky News reported Friday.

The gang took about $11,500 worth of cash and jewelry from a home this week and made off with $20,000 in of cash and goods earlier in the month.

Police said one of the victims reported a "revolting odor" coming from the air conditioning unit.

Sleeping Gas (Wikipedia)


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