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This week in reasonably interesting and mildly offbeat news: Yo-Yo
championship fraud, alleged gropings by the handicapped, the gospel
according to multiple felons, elderly crack dealers, Toby Keith's
filthy molester mustache, & how to tell if you're a vampire.


Fake Yo-Yo Champion Cons TV News Programs

Four Wisconsin TV stations and a Missouri station said they
tricked into putting a man on air who claimed to be a yo-yo champion.
[The stations] said they received e-mails purporting to be from a man
named Joe Guehrke, saying he represented ZimZam Yo-Yo, "the world's
first 'green'" non-profit toy company and a man whose name was
variously given as Kenny Strasser, Kenny Strassburg and K-Strass, the
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported Tuesday.

The e-mails claimed Strasser was a runner-up for Rookie of the Year in
1995, grand champion at the Pensacola Regional and was nominated for
the Walt Greenberg Award in 2000. However, the stations said they later
discovered there is no Walt Greenberg Award for yo-yo and there is no
evidence to suggest Pensacola, Fla., ever hosted a tournament.

"He did some really lame things. He hit himself in the face and the
groin with his yo-yo," Blevins said. Lisa Malak, an anchor for "Sunday
Morning" on WFRV in Green Bay, said Strasser showed up for a segment
April 11 and forgot to bring his yo-yo string.

Gospel Singers Robbed Churches

Two gospel singers are facing multiple charges after
authorities say
they played uplifting music for several Georgia churches, then stole
some $100,000 worth of speakers, microphones and other musical
Washington County Sheriff Thomas H. Smith [says] authorities had been
investigating nine break-ins at churches in central Georgia over the
past several months. He says a tipster told authorities the pair might
be linked to the break-ins and authorities executing a search warrant
found musical equipment in the men's homes and cars.

Groping Blamed on Cerebral Palsy

A New York lawyer accused of grabbing a judge's inner thigh
buttocks says the incident was a result of spastic movements from his
cerebral palsy. [The defendant] who uses a wheelchair, was charged with
sexual abuse and sexual harassment for allegedly touching the female
Taxi and Limousine Commission judge inappropriately during a meeting at
her office, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday.

[The man's lawyer] said his client admits to touching the judge, but
the action was involuntary.

"He whacked her in the butt but it wasn't sexual abuse," Gibbons said.
"He has spastic movements. If he was starving to death and had a
hamburger in front of him he couldn't lean over to pick it up," Gibbons

Woman Arrested For Selling Crack

An 87-year-old woman was arrested Thursday after she was
caught on tape
selling crack cocaine to an undercover deputy. A surveillance video of
the sale shows the undercover officer knock on the back door of the
woman's home. She then answers the door and walks the officer to
another room where she retrieves the crack after rummaging through the
couch. In addition to what was sold to the deputy, she can be seen in
the video holding a small bag of crack cocaine.
[The woman also] pleaded no contest in December 1996 to possession of a
controlled substance with intent to sell, manufacture or deliver. She
served a two-year probation, which ended in July of 1998 when she was
75 years old.

Say Robber Disguised Self as Black Man

[The man], who is White, was arrested April 14 and faces an
indictment including six charges of aggravated robbery and illegally
having a gun and is accused of robbing four banks and a CVS in suburban
Cincinnati within a 3 1/2-hour span April 9 while wearing a mask that
made him appear to be a Black man.
"This is a robbery, I have a gun, be quiet and put the money in the
bag. Don't look or talk to anyone, give me all $50s and $100s," read
the note used in those crimes. Witnesses told police there was
something "off" about the robber. They said his face was hairless, his
voice muffled, "as if wearing a mask."
Officers cracked open a small gray safe and found the mask, along with
another silicone mask - this one with the face of an old, white man.
They also found $5,238 cash, some of it stained with red ink, all of it
with serial numbers showing it was from the banks that were robbed,
according to court records.

The mask used in the local robberies is called "The Player" and costs


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This site will most certainly be a wake-up call to those who believe
that vampires are fictional. In fact they are not, as this
black-backgrounded, image-free, Geocities era collection of
impossible-to-read, low contrast pages is certain to convince you!
But without a doubt, the most useful feature of the site has to be the
list of signs & symptoms of vampirism. This resource is infinitely
valuable to those who have long suspected that the blood of an elder
race of undead creatures flows through their veins (myself included!).
You may want to check out the entire list, but I've gone ahead and
compiled some of the most common signs here to give you

Pale Skin That Flushes When You Eat A Steak

 Yes, according to the author of the Real Vampire Website, the
test of vampirism is to eat a steak and see if your skin "gets pinker".
The reasoning given for this is rock solid: "Humans can’t digest blood
let alone get color from it, real vampires do." Case closed.

Image removed.Unusually High Tolerance to Alcohol & Other Toxins

Not entirely sure how one would go about testing this one. However, for
those who suspect vampirism I would recommend ingesting low dosages of
all-natural poisons (you wouldn't want to put icky "chemicals: in your
body) such as hemlock, arsenic, and nightshade and slowly increasing
the dosage until brain death occurs.

Getting High on Human Blood

Here's the question which is posed to readers: "When drinking someone’s
blood do you tend to find yourself being able to do something that they
could do (that you couldn't do) about 2 weeks after drinking it?" The
implication being that if you answered yes, you may be a vampire.

Hearing Whispers

Can you hear a whisper from across the room? If so, good for you! Oh,
and also this probably means you are a vampire. Thank you and goodnight.

Ability To Digest 600% of Recommended Dosage of Iron

The author invites readers to "test" this by (and I'm not making this
up) buying a bunch of iron pills at the health food store and taking
more than 108mg of them. Sound advice from a reliable source, I'd say.

Migraines Caused By Sunlight

If sunlight bothers you to the point of causing migraines, you are
probably a vampire! Alternatively, you may also simply be afflicted
with the extremely common condition of "occasionally getting migraines
which are caused by bright sunlight'. But as this scenario is not
nearly as glamorous, you may as well just go ahead and dismiss it out
of hand and continue to wear your ridiculous HIM t-shirt every day.
So! If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, there's a
good chance you are a vampire. Well, either that or you are simply a
pallid, angry, socially crippled teenager who was bullied in school due
to their aggressive and deliberate unpleasantness and now uses
pseudoscience as an excuse not to get over their troubled childhood and
grow as a person. Either way, I think you'll find that feasting upon
the blood of the living is gonna cause more problems than it solves.




Keith - Shock'n'Yall

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That's all for this week. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go slurp
blood from the collarbone indent of a retired postal worker while the
Twilight: New Moon soundtrack swells in the background.
I bid y'all farewell.

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