Weird EyesHello, and welcome to another edition of Web Detritus, an online repository of profoundly irrelevant links, videos, and articles, hand-picked by me, a human at a desk.

Here's a little of what I've scrounged up this time around: Which Guns Are Best For Killing Dinosaurs, Poor People In "The Good Old Days", Why Nightclubs Blow, Two-Headed Mutant Felines, An Easy Way To Waste 11 Million Dollars, 3D Movies Which Aren't Complete Shit, And Which Cellphone Provider Cares Least About Your Privacy (Hint: It's All Of Them).


Which Cellphone Provider Stores Your Private Data The Longest? [Wired]

Are Poor People Today "Better Off" Than They Were In The 50s? [Slate]

Could You Kill A T-Rex With A Beretta Pistol? What About A Shotgun? [StraightDope]

Canadian Supreme Court "Legalizes" Drug Injection Clinics Due To The Fact That They Are Logical, Caring Human Beings, And Not Bullheaded Idiots [Globe&Mail]

Multi-Millionaire Takes Break From Backstroking Through Pools Of Molten Gold In Specially-Made Suit To Bitch About Not Having Enough Money [ThinkProgress]

Infographic: Taste Buds & Complementary Flavors [InformationIsBeautiful]

How Bad Is PC Game Piracy, Really? [Eurogamer]

Use These Google Image Search Results To Test Your Maturity Level

IGN Article Title Generator [Jocchan]

This Cat With Two Faces Will Probably Swallow Your Soul Or Something [MiamiHerald]

13 Recent Films Which Prove 3D Should Not Die [AVClub]

Arizona Builds $11.6 Million Fence, Drug Smugglers Respond By Simply Handing Packages Through It [MiamiHerald]

This Is A Scan Of A Best Buy Ad From 1996

Nightclubs: Why Spending Time In One Is Only Slightly Less Objectionable Than Being Aggressively Fondled By A Bog-Smelling Dope Smuggler In A Turkish Prison [Guardian]

Pants-Fillingly Detailed Victorian Lego Houses [Snap]



Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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