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This week's top stories: Ingenious Bank Robberies Gone Wrong, Near-Death Experiences 'Splained By Science, What We Can Learn From Cinematic Time-Travellers, Why Media Piracy Is Worse Than Murder, Hip-Hop Lyrics Dissected By An Intelligent Man, The Perils Of Bestiality, And The Wittiest Comebacks Of All Time.


Chart It Up Son: Time Travel Lessons Gleaned From Popular Films [Wired]

Do You Have The Eye Color Of A "Commoner"? Find Out By Reading This Article (Which Appears To Be About About Eye Color) [BaileyBear]

Attention Criminals: Here Is A Fantastic Idea For A Bank Robbery [ArsTechnica]

The Science Behind Near-Death Experiences [StraightDope]

Sage Francis Disects The Lyrics Of 10 Popular Rappers, Because Why Wouldn't He? [Pigeons&Planes]

Viacom So Devastated By Media Piracy That Their CEO Only Gets A $50 Million Dollar Raise [ArsTechnica]

Are Child Molesters Really The Most Hated People In Prison? [Slate]

Depressing Infographic Ranking Countries By Income Inequality. But at Least We Beat Rwanda. Suck it Rwanda! [InformationIsBeautiful]

Be Careful Where You Stick That Thing: Sex With Animals Linked To Penile Cancer [Livescience]

The World Be Crowded, Yo: Here  Is A Mesmerizing Gallery On Overpopulation [TheAtlantic]

The Jerk Store Called, And They're Running Out Of You: The 32 Wittiest Comebacks Of All Time [Buzzfeed]

Notice: This Periodic Table Of Weaponry Exists And Can Be Accessed With The Internet

Ever Wanted To Know Which Products Are Shoplifted The Most? Then Click On These Here Words [RetailResearch]

I Can't Believe Disney Didn't Include Pinoccho's Graphic Death By Hanging In Their Adaptation [Slate]

Does Being Out In The Cold Actually "Make You Sick"? [Reddit]

10 Common Faults In Human Thought [Listverse]

Organ Gangs Force The Poor to Sell Kidneys (Seriously?) [Bloomberg]



Dangerous Minds [VHS]
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