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This week: Wild Sex In Strangers' Homes, Tiger Smugglers, Toddlers With Shotguns, Teabonics, Unbelievably Filthy Ancient Poems, 5 Day Traffic Jams, & A Video That Will Change Your Life Forever. (Now With More Pictures!)


Restaurant Requests Human Body Part Donations
A new Berlin restaurant expected to open its doors soon has angered local politicians by asking for donations of body parts to be cooked and eaten there. The bizarre request is made on the restaurant's Web site, Der Spiegel reported. The restaurant, called Flime, is to open at the beginning of September.

Potential donors are warned they must fill out a health and physical fitness questionnaire and told the restaurant will only pay hospital expenses, that all tissue is to be given gratis. On the German Web site, the restaurant also posted a help-wanted ad for an "open-minded surgeon."

"I am assuming it is a misguided joke," Michael Braun, a Christian Democrat member of the state parliament, told the newspaper Bild. "But it is disgusting, in particular because a resident of Berlin was murdered by a cannibal not too long ago.
Toddler Of Irresponsible Hick Family Fires Shotgun Randomly Into Street
A 3-year-old boy grabbed a shotgun from a closet Wednesday, walked out on his porch and fired at a firehouse across the street, hitting a garage window and a roll-up door, police said.

"He could have killed himself, anybody walking by and if anybody was in the firehouse, it could have killed them," said Seaford Police Capt. Gary Flood. "It's unbelievable."

The child's mother, 18-year-old Christy A. Smullen, was charged with reckless endangering and five other offenses while the boy was placed in his father's custody, said Lt. Richard Jamison, a police spokesman.

"I got my charges, I'm probably going to be locked up, and that's it," she said, declining to comment further as she stood on the wraparound porch where police say her son fired the shotgun a day before.
Couple Claims Real Estate Agent Used Their House For Wild Sex
A Minnesota couple is suing Coldwell Banker Burnet (CBB) and a former real estate agent that was hired by them after they say the agent used the home for sex while they were out of town.
[The couple] put their home on the market this spring. In the civil suit, they said they left to go to London for four months and trusted their agent, with the garage code and access to a lock box which contained a key to the house. The lawsuit says that while they were out of the country, Skar used the house for sex and ruined their furniture, bedding and carpet.

CBB spent more than $7,000 to clean the home, fix the damage and replace the furniture. The couple, however, said that even after the cleaning they have found incense and lubricants around the house and soiled and "sticky substances" and no longer feel safe there.

[The agent] was fired and denies any wrong doing.
Airline Passengers Accidentally Informed They Were About To Crash
British Airways apologised to passengers after an emergency message warning they were about to crash into the sea was played by mistake. About 275 passengers were on the London Heathrow to Hong Kong flight on Tuesday evening when the automated message went out. The plane was flying over the North Sea at the time.

Cabin crew quickly realised the error and moved to reassure the terrified passengers. "We all thought we were going to die," Michelle Lord, 32, told The Sun newspaper.

Another passenger was reported saying: "I can't think of anything worse than being told your plane's about to crash." A spokesman for British Airways said an investigation was under way to discover whether it was human error or a computer glitch.
Baby Tiger Found Stuffed In Luggage
Authorities at Bangkok's international airport found a baby tiger cub that had been drugged and hidden alongside a stuffed toy tiger in the suitcase of a woman flying from Thailand to Iran, an official and a wildlife protection group said Friday. The woman, a Thai national, had checked in for her flight and her overweight bag was sent for an X-ray which showed what appeared to be a live animal inside, according to TRAFFIC, a wildlife trade monitoring group.

The woman was arrested at Suvarnabhumi Airport before boarding her Sunday flight. The cub, estimated to be about 3 months old, was sent to a wildlife conservation center in Bangkok.

The cub could have fetched about 100,000 baht ($3,200) on the black market in Iran, where it is popular to have exotic pets.


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