Sasquatch Faces Rejection After the Apocalypse

SasquatchWhen Sasquatch awoke it was still dark. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he rolled over on the rocky ground and looked over at the boy. He was asleep, curled in the blue plastic tarp they had found in the deserted filling station. Sasquatch could see that his condition had worsened. His nearly translucent skin clung corpselike to his cheekbones, and his eyes were sunken and dark. Even in sleep he drew breath in ragged, wheezing gasps. Grunting softly, Sasquatch used a paw to smooth the boy's thinning hair.
The sun began to rise. Slowly, the dusty air around them took on a grimy reddish-grey cast. Sasquatch climbed to his feet, stretching and brushing out the red soot which had settled on his fur during the night. He shook the boy gently to wake him, and once each had taken a drink of murky water from the canteen, Sasquatch lifted the boy onto the rear seat of the bicycle built for two, and they set off towards Dusttown.

Sasquatch Faces Rejection in Husset Park

Sasquatch GentleSasquatch is out for an afternoon stroll in Husset Park. He stops at the foot of a grassy hill to admire a group of wild sunflowers. Suddenly a foam kickball rolls over the hill, coming to a stop at his feet. He picks it up, studying it for a moment, then he turns and begins to walk towards the gazebo.
"Hey what gives!" comes a voice from behind him.
Sasquatch turns to see scruffy boy in a woman's dress and a battered silk top hat standing at the top of the hill, his hands on his hips. He studies the boy with large, soft eyes, tilting his head to one side and huffing softly.
"That's our ball," the boy says, haphazardly cartwheeling down the hill and coming to a stop at Sasquatch's feet, "Hand it over."

Sasquatch looks down at the ball, and then hugs it to his chest. The boy furrows his brow and glances over his shoulder. From over the hill comes the sound of children shouting, along with something that sounds like the high pitched squeal of a pig. The boy begins creeping towards Sasquatch, wringing his hands. Sasquatch squints his eyes and bares his gums, hugging the ball even closer.

Sasquatch Faces Rejection at The Pine City Post Office

SasquatchSasquatch stands inside the lobby of the Pine City Post Office with a confused look on his face.
"Can I help you with something?" Says the woman behind the counter without lifting her eyes from her book.
Sasquatch walks up to the counter and sets down a small white scrap of paper in front of her. He crosses his arms. The clerk sighs, sets down her book, and picks it up. She turns it over and over in her hands, squinting and scrunching up her nose. The words "TOO MOM" are penciled on the front in large block lettering. A small stick figure of a what appears to be sasquatch with long hair has been scrawled hastily underneath.

Sasquatch Faces Rejection at The Tennis Court

SasquatchTwo girls are playing tennis in the tennis court at foot of some mountains. In the middle of the match, one of the girls looks up and sees Sasquatch standing at the edge of the court with a tennis racket clutched in his paw. "Hey Terri look," she says, pointing, "a sasquatch." Terri stops in mid-serve and turns towards him.
"And just what do you think you're doing here?" She places her hands on her hips.
Sasquatch snorts, swatting at the air with his Shiny New Racket and looking hopeful. Terri shakes her head.
"Sasquatches aren't allowed on this court." She says, pointing to a large white sign which displays the silhouette of a hulking figure inside a crossed-out red circle. "Now you had better get out of here or else we'll call the game warden, right Jenna?"
"Right." says Jenna, squinting into the setting sun.
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