Web Detritus (Weeks of 05.01.11 & 05.08.11)

Swordy DatingI was violently ill most of last week, so this'll be two week's worth of hastily thrown-together links instead of just one. I can only hope you are able to contain your excitement at this unprecedented turn of events.
Here's what I've got this time: The Life Of A Con-Artist, Avoiding A Natural Disaster, Horse Urine Info, The Battle Against Impotence, Dietary Supplements That Actually Work, The Best Time To Do Everything, And How To Get A Brain Bleed In 8 Easy Steps.

Web Detritus (Week of 04.24.11)

FancyboyA collection of cool links, infographics, strange blogs, offputting videos, and a bunch of other stuff that defies categorization.
This week: Awkward Stock Photos, Chinese Hell, The Most Hated Baby Names In America, How Long You Could Survive On Just Beer, Mrs. Doubtfire Returns, Donkey Kong Grows Up, Why Teachers Are Getting Screwed, & A Christian Rap Video That Will Blow Your Mind And Not In A Good Way.

Web Detritus (Week of 04.17.11)

Newstime!A weekly collection of interesting links,  and whatever other crap I found lying around on the internet.
This week: Lots Of Sexy Sex Infographics About Sex, The Commercialization Of Easter, More Over/Under Toilet Paper Roll Wars, Why Prices Still End In 99, Brand Names vs Real Names, Self-Destructing Internet Messages, A Look At Which Planets In Our Solar System Could Sustain Human Life, & A Shouty Review Of The 90s Sitcom "Martin". 

Web Detritus (Week of 04.10.11)

Cat SmokesA collection of above-average links, photo galleries which are often above reproach, aggresively informative infographics, and plenty of other stuff that usually doesn't suck.
This week: Mile-High Skyscrapers, The Filthiest Homes Ever, The True Story Behind The Ninja's "Touch of Death", An [Overly] Detailed Superpower Infographic, Compelling Socialist Propaganda From Roger Ebert, Evacuation Radiuses Of Every Nuclear Power Plant In The US, And Christian Bale Demonstrates How Unbelievably Fat We Are.

Web Detritus (Week of 04.03.11)

OreoA collection of worthwhile links, the best infographics, photo galleries, and whatever else of note I come across while wandering the internet.
This week: Ridiculous Job Interview Questions, Which Languages Are Hardest To Learn, The Most Sinful Cities In America,  A Bunch Of Awesome Art, What Your State Sucks At, Confessions Of A [Formerly] Angry Black Man, And More, And More, And More, And More (Read: This One Is Long).

Web Detritus (Week of 03.27.11)

Kid Swing Wall RunA weekly collection of cool stories, useful links, non-shitty infographics, photo galleries, and a bunch more stuff.

This week: The Regrets Of The Typical American, Unbelievable Modern War Crimes, Top 100 April Fool's Pranks Throughout History, Homemade Drug Smuggling Submarines, How Farmville And MMOs Destroy Your Mind, More Cool Radiation Info, The Secrets Behind Daily Deal Sites, and Some Fairly Cool Retro Back To The Future Posters.

Web Detritus (Week of 03.20.11)

Glamor BoyA careless collection of odd links, fascinating photo galleries, infographiky infographics, upsetting videos, and a bunch of other stuff I couldn't fit in anywhere else.
This week: Despair-Inducing Advertisements, Electron Microscope Madness, The Battle Of Coal vs Oil vs Nuclear, A Visual History Of Humanity, Radiation Education, The (Deliberately) Hidden Dangers Of Zicam, Hidden Messages In Corporate Logos, and A Bunch Of Pop Stars Who Are Really Sort Of Assholes.

Web Detritus (Week of 03.13.11)

Hairy GirlA collection of fascinating links, strange videos, infographics, longform journalistic pieces, and whatever else of note I've managed to discover on the internet over the past seven days.
This week: How Radiation Poisoning Actually Works, How To Land A Pilotless Plane, The Neon Horror Of The Early 90s, A Story Of Self-Appendix Removal, The Most Confusing Movies Ever, How To Find The Safest Dietary Supplements, And A Lesson In Airline Armrest Etiquette.

Web Detritus (Week of 03.06.11)

Weird News BowA weekly collection of useful links, infographics, longform articles, videos, and whatever else I happen to come across.

This week and this week only: The Art Of Selling Out, The Death Of The CD, Childishly Filthy Movie Quotes, Nicholas Cage, Apples vs Oranges, Eiffel 65, How Your Insurer Screws You, A 30 Year False Imprisonment, and Nonsensical Fortune Cookies.

Web Detritus (Week of 02.27.11)

HandfaceEach week I compile my favorite links, videos, infographics, photo galleries, and whatever else I happened to stumble upon. In case you hadn't figured it out by now, that's what this is.

This week: The Most Dangerous Jobs In America, What Prison Is Actually Like, Beautiful Polish Art, Another Reason To Dislike Best Buy, A Bunch Of Vintage Cereal, and How Much Money You Can Really Make From A Blog.
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