Stick Figures in Peril: 20 Incomprehensible Warning Signs

20 Beautifully Incomprehensible Street Signs
It is of the utmost importance that a warning sign be easily understood. A cryptic warning sign will do nothing to improve the safety of a dangerous workplace, and will be little more than a whimsical diversion to an employee before his arm is torn from its socket by the series of large, rusty cogs whose existence the nonsensical warning sign was incapable of alerting him to.

So in light of this man's alarming mutilation, I present to you 20 warning signs whose meanings are completely beyond my capacity to discern.

A Ghoulish Menagerie: 20 More Terrifying Wax Sculptures

20 More Terrifying Wax Sculptures
Hey what can I say, there's a shortage of photos featuring horrifying wax figures on the internet. Somebody's gotta rectify that shit, right?

Might as well be me.

20 Ghastly Celebrity Wax Sculptures

20 Ghastly Celebrity Wax Sculptures - Pamela Anderson
Those of you who have not had the displeasure of visiting a wax museum are missing out on a world of arcane horrors unlike anything you have known. As a small child I had the opportunity to check out Ripley's Wax Museum in San Antonio, an experience which has undoubtedly scarred me for life. To this day I cannot sit on a public toilet without envisioning the crushed wax face of Tom Hanks surging towards me from the murky depths.
But for those of you who have yet to come under the stony gaze of a half melted dummy of Sylvester Stallone, I have compiled these photos.

20 (More) Daring & Beautiful Cosplayers

20 More Desperately Beautiful Cosplayers
One day I'm going to run out of photos of nerds dressed in ridiculous costumes.

That day is not today.

Gonna ride this train all the way to hell.

20 Laughable Photos of Country Music Superstars in Repose

20 Photos Of Country Music Singers In Repose
Hayseed to English Translation: Here are a number of photos of country music stars who--not content to be perceived as the emotionless and vaguely dusty automatons they actually are--have been photographed leaning against objects in a vaguely effeminate manner in an attempt to make them relatable to the sorts of beady-eyed dullards who purchase Top 40 Country Albums.


Asshole Costume
Browsing the humor section of costume sites is undoubtedly the worst way to find a funny costume. Well, unless of course your definition of "funny" is somebody's creepy 52-year-old dad leering at the preteen neighborgirls' pool party through the slats of some half-closed vertical blinds while muttering a bunch of dick jokes from the Porky's 4 spec script he wrote in 1987. If this seems like your type of humor, then you'll probably find most of the costumes below to be pretty hilarious.
Although the majority of them are simple illustrations of groan-inducing almost-puns, there are also a few (such as "Big Balls Scratch Off" above) in which the designer has instead gotten creative and taken an ill-conceived "naughty" concept (in this case, the existence of testicles, tee-hee!) and combined it with some arbitrary item in order to make it into a shitty costume.
So look forward to that, I guess.
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