20 (More) Spectacularly Awful Album Covers

20 More Spectacularly Awful Album Covers
I hope that you will please forgive my inability to stop posting galleries featuring hilariously bad album covers. Please know that I only continue to do this out of a deep and abiding love for the human race. Well that, and also I've also got a number of very serious mental disorders I am unsuccessfully attempting to reign in.But that isn't important right now.

The photos are the reason we're all here, so let's get started.

20 Spectacularly Awful Album Covers

20 Spectacularly Awful Album Covers
Surely somewhere on this planet there must be an album cover which is so outrageous and unintentionally perverse, that if it were viewed, it would cause a tear in the very fabric of what we know as reality, causing the dimension in which we currently reside to fold in upon itself, and everything in the the known universe to simply blink out of existence.
Thankfully for humanity, I haven't come across this particular album cover yet. But here are 20 that come pretty close.

20 More Spectacular Photographs Of Cosplayers

20 More Photographs Of Terrible Cosplayers
Upon seeing a gallery such as this, the average person could be forgiven for dismissing it as nothing more than a random assemblage of stupid photos which I have slapped together in a half-assed attempt to avoid writing an actual article. In all fairness to me, this is only partially true.
Certainly "getting out of actually writing something" was my intention AT FIRST, but I quickly discovered how gruelling "sifting through thousands of pages of dull cosplay photos featuring androgynous Japanese preteens to find the 0.0001% of them which are sad/inventive/stupid enough to be worthy of ridicule" actually is.
So in the end, creating one of these stupid galleries is actually just as much (if not more) work than writing a deliberately insulting article about one of the 50 US states, so I hope you all appreciate it.

Hey Beardy: 20 Vaguely Upsetting Photographs of Men With Scary Beards

20 Upsetting Photos Of Men With Scary Beards
Having already created a photo gallery covering mustaches for no good reason, I decided to whip up a similarly pointless and substantially more offputting companion piece cataloging the existence of various beards.

So that's what this is.

20 Costumes With Which To Engender Fear In The Hearts Of Your Enemies

20 Costumes To Engender Fear In The Hearts Of Your Enemies
"Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered.
And lo, no one was there."
- Author Unknown

Rejoice: 20 More Ridiculous Costumes

Rejoice: 20 More Ridiculous Costumes
Awful Halloween costumes are like a wellspring of awfulness that never seems to run dry. Just when you feel like you've discovered all the ridiculous and borderline offensive costumes the internet has to offer, more are certain to come bubbling to the surface like solid waste in a freshly-stirred septic tank.
So here are twenty of the freshest and most ferociously terrible costumes I could drum up without expending much effort.

20 Wonderfully Perplexing Japanese 'No Smoking' Signs

20 Wonderfully Perplexing Japanese No Smoking Signs
Oh Japan! Is there nothing about you that isn't unnessecarily quirky? Here are a number of actual "Smoking Manners" signs which were/are posted around Japan for no good reason.
I hope you find them as brow-furrowingly fascinating as I did.

I Will Show You Some Wonderful Photographs

Here Are Some Wonderful Photographs - Trash Cart
Here: Why don't you all have a look at these pictures.

It'll do you some good.

Modern Mustache: 20 Photographs of Skillful Mustaciers

Modern Mustache: 20 Photographs of Skillful Mustaciers
Any man can sport a mustache, but it takes a special sort to do so with refinement and class. In honor of these men, I present to you this photographic collection of the most accomplished facial hair enthusiasts I could drum up. I have selected these photos with care and love, and I hope that you will view the men featured in them with the respect and reverence they deserve.

Note: For those who may be wondering, "mustachier" is a term I have coined to describe those who wear mustaches.

20 Strange & Disturbing Sexual Fetishes

20 Strange & Disturbing Fetishes - Lick Box
One public service I like to occasionally perform is to notify complete strangers about various types of sexual fetishes they may not have heard of. Not only is it good knowledge to have in general (sexual trivia can be great fun at family reunions), but it's also quite useful to know that such things exist when one day you stumble upon a link to "Potty Links - The Body Waste & Fluid Fetish Portal" in your 12-year-old son's web history.

"Ah-ha," you might be heard to remark, as you click through page after page of some of the most horrifyingly foul images you could ever have imagined, "this is Coprophilia, the fetish involving sexual pleasure derived from fecal play! That little rascal!"

So join me after the break for a list of the top 20 strangest fetishes of all time. Who knows, you might even find something you like!
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