Cheesy movie fights with inappropriate soundtracks added

Awful Film Fights: Double Dragon

Double DragonJanuary 14th 2096
Mother is sick again. I doubt she will make it another day, let alone a week as Doctor Fonsworth says. It is a cold world...

Note: Took a fight scene from the movie Double Dragon and added some music to it. Haven't seen Double Dragon yet, but found a great Amazon customer review which seemingly tells me everything I need to know about it:

From my point of view this movie is great!It may not be as good as the game but is still good.There are some funny parts and no swearing.Just to let you know that this movie is double the fun and double action.And also this is double dragon!

Here is the video. I hope you enjoy it.
Yours Truly In Love,

Video: Awful Film Fights

I have an affection for “bad” films and television shows. I suppose I get a sick sort of joy seeing unskilled people trying very earnestly to accomplish something and failing spectacularly at it. But anyway, while watching the uninspired fights in many these movies I often found myself wondering if they couldn't have been made more entertaining with a more dramatic soundtrack. So I decided to find out, and added new music to fights from Silent Rage, Walker: Texas Ranger, Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave, American Ninja 3, and Kickboxing Academy. I think the results speak for themselves.
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