Life of the Party: Exotic Dancing Service!

Pole Dancer

Say goodbye to dull and uninteresting parties forever, with our ALL NEW Life of the Party Exotic Dancing service! Here’s how it works: Simply call our toll free, easy-to-dial 800 number (1-800-544-1345) and Life of the Party will possibly send one of our kooky and erotic strippers to the venue of your choice, absolutely free of charge! They might show up, but then again, they might not! The mystery is part of the fun with Life of the Party Exotic Dancers! You supply the barbeque, we supply the beef!

The Baron's Prison Survival Guide

PrisonBy Martin "The Baron" Hubley
The idea of going to prison is a scary one indeed. If you're like me you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how well you would handle yourself “inside”. You probably think you're pretty hot stuff when it comes to prison self-defense, but what do you really know? Not much.

I, on the other hand, have spent much of my time doing research about prison on the internet and watching prison films and shows (I've seen at least 4 complete films about jail!). So as you can see, I have a lot to offer when it comes to advice on how to survive in “the klink”. So please read on, ladies and gentlemen, for The Baron’s Guide to Prison.

Worthless Guide to Women: Part 3


By Henry

So now you’ve gone and moved in with a woman! Whether it’s a wife, a partner, a friend, or maybe just a roommate you’re definitely in for an interesting ride, so let’s get moving.

Worthless Guide to Women: Part 2


Hello friends! Welcome to part 2 of my Q&A special on women. In this section I will cover some dating and etiquette questions. This section is for straight men, lesbians, and bisexuals only; nobody else is allowed to read it. 

Worthless Guide to Women: Part 1


By Henry
If you are aware of the existence of
women, it is likely that you have a lot of questions about how to interact with them. This is completely understandable. Women are strange and wonderful creatures, and their existence has puzzled men ever since the first female dragged herself from the primordial swamps of southern Louisiana more than 100 years ago.What follows are three sections which contain some answers to the most common questions I receive about women.
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