Amazing Actors: Samuel L. Jackson & John Travolta

Amazing Actors
By The Baron
Some people respect doctors, but I think acting is the noblest career a man can have. Can you think of another job where you make people’s lives better and are also respected for it? Of course you can’t. This series is dedicated to the best of the best in the acting field. These are the greatest performers of our generation, they make us laugh and cry and fall in love (with them). Be sure to have a tissue handy too, because some of the movie memories I unearth are real tearjerkers. A real man isn't afraid to cry.

Ghost In The Shell 2

By Kevin
This is, of course, a synopsis of the film Ghost in the Shell: Innocence (in case you forgot how to read the title of an article). I think it is the second in some kind of series or something. I really don’t care. I didn’t bother to subject myself to the first movie, but it shouldn’t matter. Any good film sequel should stand on its own, so I’m sure this one will too, right?

Worthless Guide to Comedy - Part 2: Movies


By The Baron
Howdy folks, have yourselves a sit down and prepare to enjoy Part 2 of The Baron’s Guide to Comedy. In Part 1 I covered the best and worst of TV comedy, and in this portion I am going to reveal the winners and losers of comedy in film. If you were impressed by the amount I know about TV, you’ll be surprised to find that I know even more about movies!
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