The Baron's Quest For Time 2010 Update!

By Martin "The Baron" Hubley
Greetings all, from the lands of Dverz, Anthroes, and Hurans! For those
of you who are wondering what the Sam Hell I'm talking about, it's the
MMORPG Online Game I've been developing known as The Quest For Time. I
know it's been quite some time since I've updated y'alls on the
development, so I figured I'd throw a ripe, juicy bone into all my fans
by sharing some new info on what I've been cooking up in the land of
FAIR WARNING: Spoilders abound, so those of you who are
planning to play the game on release might want to pass up this
article, because I reveal key plot points in both the Elle Swamp
questline and the Anthroe romance story! So consider yeselves warned!


The Baron's Quest For Time Update 2010

I'd be a huge fibber if I said I haven't been paying attention to all
the features many of the latest online RPGs (my competition, grrrh!)
have been adding lately. One of the most important and creative of
these of these would have to be Mountables. mountables are trained
birds or beasts the player can purchase and ride around in the game
world. Pretty cool stuff huh?
The first time I saw this, I nearly kicked myself in the face for being
so stupid for not thinking of it earlier! Humans have been riding
horses since the Medieval times, so adding mountable beasties in online
games just makes sense. But leave it to your old pal The Baron to
improve upon what has come before: Quest for time will feature the most
in-depth mountables ever before seen in a game. Here are just a few of
the creatures you can expect to mount:

Horses Seahorses Stallions
Dogs Wolves Sled Dogs
Dragons (Natch) Wings (Wearable) Wooden Cars
Brankas (Similar to Cattle) Pegasuses Pumas
Slaves Giant Rabbits Wharrves (Close Relatives
of Wharrgs, But Faster)
Ponies Wharggs (Wolf-Like
Conjured (Magical)
Mules Steam Jetpacks Gryphyns (Large Birds)

Obviously there are hundreds more, but I can't list them all here. If
you're that curious about them, you'll just have to buy the game to
find out!
There will also be custom wardrobes for each and every creature. By far
the biggest complaint I had about the mountables in current MMO is that
I couldn't dress them up. Luckily, players of Quest for Time will have
the option to dress (or undress, if you're so inclined) any of the
rideable animals in the game. Each animal will include a basic tunic or
dress for starters, and will have an additional 30-40 slots (hats,
goggles, shoes, socks, undergarments leggings, etc.) for customized
gear. This ain't your daddy's dress up!


The Baron's Quest For Time 2010 - Rabbit Woman

Quest for Time was originally intended to be a game for the entire
family, and don't worry, it still is! But due to the rising (no pun
intended!) popularity of adult sex games, I've decided to create an
area in Quest for Time where players will be able to engage in fun,
safe sexual play with one another or themselves. And unlike with other
MMOs (I'm looking at you Warcraft) here will be absolutely NO sexual
discrimination of any kind in Quest for Time's adult area. It will be a
place where furries, straights, child lovers, anthroes, queers, gays,
animal-lovers, bi-gays, and even more can meet up and just have a darn
good time mutually satisfying one another from the safety of their own
desk chairs. Talk about paraside on earth!
I've also got ideas for a public "Meet-Up" board where players who get
along well will be able to post their names and addresses if they'd
like to encourage online pals (or secret admirers) to move the
relationship to real life terms. This is actually how I met my beloved
Tina (how are ya babes!), so needless to say love can grow anywhere,
including the information supers highway!
And never fear parents: Players will have to enter their age before
being allowed into this area, and you must enter 18 or more to be let



The Baron's Quest For Time 2010 - Subscription Fees

When I announced my original subscription fee SEE HERE ($24.40 per
month) a lot of people gripped and griped about it. So to honor my
fan's wishes I've decided to make the entire game COMPLETELY
100% FREE
to play. I'll still allow players who want to support
the game to optionally pay the subscription fee, but it will be
optional. Those who do pay will receive a free dragon shield crest on
their account details page to show their dedication, so you still might
want to consider it!
"But The Baron," you might be saying to yourself, "How to you expect to
run such a huge game completely free of charge?" That's a very good
question, and I'll be pleased as punch to answer it for you! Read on to
find out.


Yep, that's right! Quest for Time has entered the 22nd century of
gaming with Microtransactions! Here's how it'll work. As I said, the
game is completely 100% free for anyone to play, but dedicated gamers
will be able tp purchase accessories and upgrades for a small fee, to
add to their experience. To give you an idea of how it works, here are
some of the items you'll be able to buy on day one.

Moghammer's Axe

The gruff yet lovable Dver King Moghammer the Meaty used this axe to
chop millions of goblins to bits in the great goblin war of the year
forty and twelve. At the end of the war Moghammer was killed by
Charzzard, king of the goblins. His last words were "Send my love to
Glinda." Glinda was his first love, whom he met while swinging a
pickaxe in the deadly Farrowharrow mines as a boy.

The Baron's Quest For Time 2010 - AxeStats

  • +Player Runs 2X Faster
  • +10 Magicks
  • -6 Heart
  • -Player Takes 3X Damage
  • Note: Only Dvers May Use This Item


$6 for 30 Days
$24 for 90 Days
$70 per Year (BEST VALUE!)

Sleepaway Campgrounds

Sold by Hammerfall Industries, the Sleepaway campground allows players
to save their progress at any point during the game (regular players
must travel to any of the game world's 3 taverns and pay in-game gold
to save). Hint: This is especially useful in the Elle swamps quest
where you must spend up to 4 in game hours searching for Grim's Chalice.

The Baron's Quest For Time 2010 - CampgroundIncluded Items

  • Single Person Tent
  • Tent Poles
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Cook Stove
  • "Switft Randy" The Parrot
  • Picnic Basket W/ Sandwiches


$0.25 Per Day
$50 Per Year (BEST VALUE!)

Whistlin Pete's Emote Packs

Arr me mayteys, this be Whistlin Pete here, Lord of Pirates! The free
version of Quest for Time includes 4 great emotes (Wave, Laugh, Crouch,
& Smile) but if ye wishes to have more emotes ye should purchase
some of me emote packs! Just ye take the ferry boat to Shiverthane
isles and head to me store! Here ye be the packs ye can buy, arr

The Baron's Quest For Time 2010 - Emote PacksLove Pack - $1/Month

  • "Smooch" Emote
  • "Hug" Emote
  • "High Five" Emote

Anger Pack - $1.50/Month

  • "Growl" Emote
  • "Fist Shake" Emote
  • "Bare Teeth" Emote

Fun Pack - $2/Month

  • "Thumbs Up" Emote
  • "Fart" Emote
  • "Wink" Emote

Translator Add-On

The Baron's Quest For Time 2010 - Translator Pack

This pack is pretty neat if you ask me, it simply makes it so you can
understand text and voice chats from players of a different race. It
makes sense if you think about it, as how would a Huran be able to
communicate with an Elle? They speak different languages!

Without this pack, voice chat will come out garbled and the text will
be nothing but gibberish.


$10 Lifetime Membership


I hpe y'alls have enjoyed reading about the amazing new feature ideas
I've come up with for Quest for Time. I'll be starting development
soon, and I expect the game to be out in a few months, so keep your eye
sockets peeled for an announcement from your truly, The Baron!
Hope to see you in Valderanianaia!


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