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Reader Mail Continued

This is the continuation of Emails from Quest for Time
Article 2

This next letter is long and drawn out, so I will respond after each of his points so I can put this true N00b in his place!

From LOL@YOU ****HEAD:

FOR AN MMORPG EVER, Honestly, I would much rather play RUNESCAPE, Yes
RUNESCAPE Than this piece of ****, and runescape is free, $25 a month!?
LOL, No one will pay that for a **** hole like this.

First of all, you are mistaken, you do NOT have to say any of those
things, but you choose to say them because you are nothing but a
jealous george. I know that my game will prove you wrong when it is
released, and your petty little words mean nothing to a person like me.
You might as well speak in baby talk to the great lord Xenu (god of
scientology, look it up if you haven't heard of it, it will change your
LIFE forever). You are nothing but a worm under my shoe.

Now, the UNORIGINALITY. Hurans, Grats you took your species, changed 1
letter and expect people to believe it's some kind of alien thing? You
could've ATLEAST given it a new language. PLUS they start in "Azteroth
Keep". Dude WTF is that? If you knew jack **** about MMORPG's you'd
know that Azeroth is the name of one of the continents on WoW.

Ha! You call me unoriginal? You are mistaken. I came up with the name Asteroth in one of my first novels Elves of Doomhand,
which I began writing about 15 years ago (still awaiting the right
publisher if anyone is out there), far before world of warcraft was
made. If anything, Blizzard ripped MY idea off, since I have posted
sections of my novels on many fanfic boards around the internet. But I
don't hold it against them, it is a great name! I will be posting
sections from my novels as examples later, so keep an eye out if you
want to see real fantasy writing (unlike the wheel of TRASH series).

Dverez, you've taken dwarves, and changed the name, NOTHING ELSE. These
"Ganoes" are exactly the same as the Gnomes in WoW, short, good and are
supposed to be good at engineering. Grobots. LOL, You've read up on
Draenei, taken the whole idea and made them robots. Grats on
originality there. "Orgm" cross between Orcs and Ogres, and maybe a bit
of Trolls. Oh man, you are reallllly **** at thinking of your own ideas
aren't you?

I can't think up names eh? How about this name for you then: Dumkopf.
Because that's what you are, a Dumkopf, (which means crazy person
in German). You can't accept that someone smarter than you (me) could
possibly have such a good idea so you accuse me of ripping them off. As
I said before, I came up with all these ideas YEARS before blizzard
even existed, so if anyone stole ideas, they stole them from me. If
they did, I am glad that the characters I created are so beloved
(although in an inferior RPG) but I do with they would give me credit.
Also you keep misspelling congradulations if you didn't notice you
write grats, which is not a word! ;)

You wanna know why those kids threw **** at you? Because you're an
ADULT, dressed up as a character in a KIDS cartoon show, and your
comeback was "Why don't you go insult a caveman" They would've been
thinking "WHAT A ****ING LOSER". Wow, LOL I just read this. "My point
is that if we had been playing an MMO I could have decimated these
dimwits in about 5 seconds and still had time to purr and lick my tail
clean before trotting off into the woods. So that is why Quest for Time
will have no safe areas. I hope to see you there boys, then we’ll
see who has the last laugh!" LOL, OMG LOL ROFL. I find it highly
amusing that you could only beat some children in a video game.

I could have decimated them, and I could definitely have mega-decimated
the likes of you! I am sure you don't know how to handle a medival
asian weapon as well as I can, and you probably don't even know a
SINGLE form of martial arts. I, on the other hand, am fluent in 3-5
forms of martial art, and also play a mean six string guitar, and I
hustle pool on the weekends, if I do say so myself. So who has the last
laugh now, child?

To finish off, I'll point out the flaws of "What you  are getting"
Stunning, advanced graphics engine. Yeah, because 2D is stunning and
advance amirite? Better-than realistic physics engine which will even
model leaves falling if you cut them off a tree. Every game has this,
it's nothing special.

Damn fool of a Took! Those screens I posted were not from Quest for Time,
it isn't even in development yet! I only posted shots from RPGs which I
thought represented the fun and action I was describing! Now isn't your
face beat red? And you say every game has the physics engine I
described? You are nothing but an ignorant mule, there has never been a
game that even modeled leaves on a tree, let alone one where you can
cut a single leaf free and it will float beautifully to the ground
"leave"ing you (little joke there) to gasp in awe, which my game has in

Two character slots to create two characters of your choice. ****, A
WHOLE TWO CHARACTER SLOTS. WoW has 10 for every server, even Runescape
doesn't have a limit for characters. Everquest 1 soundtrack CD. LOL,
The soundtrack from another game that's almost certainly copyrighted.

Which would you rather have? Two character slots for the most deepest
characters you have ever designed, with customization down to the color
of individual hairs on the head, or 10 character slots for a ganeric
troll who looks like every other troll you meat? Because Quest for Time values
quality over quantity, you will be surprised to even see that we offer
two slots, because you will probably never even use the second. As for
the Everquest CD, I only wished to provide people with a history lesson
on the grand and epic music which EQ contained. I am sure the
developers wouldn't reject my offer to give them free advertising and
new subscribers. Anyways, last time I checked america was a free
country and I can do whatever I want this isn't communist Finland.

From James:
Your game idea is ridiculous if you
steal other peoples ideas that doesn't make it original, you dress up
like child's cartoon character in public, you think mating with animals
is fine, and your an ignorant fool. You know not of what you speak
whether it be the politics of Finland or basic thinking skills. You
make fun of others grammar, and they have good grammar they are just
online and choose to abbreviate. Your grammar is awful (huger isn't a
world and neither is congradulations), pick up a 3rd grade grammar book
and stick to playing the games not making them.

The Baron Replies:
Oh James, James, James, how nice of you to write in! Let me just set
the record straight here: Naruto is NOT a children's cartoon character,
he is from an ANIME which many adults like mysef (32) enjoy watching,
it is not just for children. Naruto has everything you could ever want
in a telivised novel: Great characters, an amazing story, hot women
(rawwrr), and a kickin' soundtrack. Also I feel a connection with
naruto because of his childlike innocence and his cat whiskers (which I
only dream of having).
Which brings me to your next point where you insult me for being what
you would probably call a "furry". Well I will have you know sir that
it is people like you who make us glad to not be attracted to humans!
Give me a sexy werewolf any day over a judgemental woman.
Also you know nothing about the continent of Finland (as do few people
who have written me lately) so keep your mouth shut so you don't
embarass yourselves further! The same goes for my grammar, you people
are as bad as the editor of this site, he tried to insist upon editing
MY articles, but I refused to allow it! There is a certain writing
style which I have that only my true fans can appreciate (and not some
philistine). Go back to kindergarten and play in the streets because
you are a baby.

This is another long letter, so I have made it easier to respond by breaking it up into bite-sized pieces.

From Mark J:
Hello, I found a link to this website
on a message board making fun of it and I was appauled by your response
to the feedback of people who e-mailed you. You made a reference to
communist Finland that is wrong Finland is a parliamentary democracy,
similar to England.

I have already responded to the Finland point in the previous letter
but you are incorrect about England. As far as I know england has a
KING which makes it a monarchy (haven't you ever played Civilization?)

You also made a reference to the "God
of Scientology" Xenu, which is again wrong. I am no scientologist but i
at least know that Xenu was no God he was an Evil King in the back
round story of Scientology.

You somehow believe that you know more than me about Scientology, but
yet you are not even a Scientologist (please capotalize this)! When I
discovered scientology it changed my life forever, and when you insult
Xenu it is offensive to me. If you were a Jewish I wouldn't go around
insulting your god Harry Krishna, so please don't insult Xenu.

When reading your website I
constantly asked myself "is this guy joking?" When someone said you
wouldn't be able to get Everquest soundtracks on your game you said
this is America and you can do what ever you want. This is true, but
there are laws that citizens of this country have to abide by and one
of them is you can't take other peoples stuff if it's copyrighted.

So not only are you a Scientology expert, but you are also a Lawyer?!
Heavens to betsy! I can forgive you for not knowing the laws of the
United States though seeing as you probably live in England. Why don't
you read a little document called the Declaration of Independance, and
perhaps read the first Commandment: FREEDOM OF SPEECH (p.s. writing is
considered speech in case you hadn't heard!)

You also believe that blizzard a
multi-million dollar company stole your ideas?, i hate to break it to
you but it was the other way around. Also 24.50 for a  monthly fee
is ridiculous, when you can pay 15 dollars for a much better game. Also
if the game isn't even fully developed how do you know it will cost
24.50 monthly? With no NPCs some players of the game will be stuck with
the meaningless task of giving out quests and selling goods, who is
going to pay 24.50 a month for that? Also your originality is
questionable at best, all your races are almost identical copies to
that of Blizzard's World of Warcraft.

You don't have a clue what is good value my friend, Next!

Although your Anthroes idea is
completely original. but the concept of human beings mating with
animals is sick and wrong. Your grobots are somewhat original too.
However the other six races are nearly identical copies to other games.
I am not going into detail with what is wrong with your game idea,
because other people have already said it. I am only saying listen to
other peoples opinions make your game more unique, it wont fit out of
all the other MMORPG's if its the same thing.

Right when you began insulting me for being a furry I said to myself
"we have another racist on our hands." I don't blame you for it, but I
have the feeling you don't even realize that you are prosecuting
someone just because they are different. Well let me tell you buddy:
You can't insult a black, you can't insult a gay, and you can't insult
a man because he loves animals. May Xenu have pity on you when the
great reckoning comes and the wheat is separated from the chaff.

You can insult people for insulting you, but you cannot insult people
for having an opinion. Notice i refrained from insulting you as an
individual only your ideas, and please do not pretend to know things
you don't, it is insulting to us who do know. I did not write this to
make fun of you (what i wanted to say has already been said by others)
only to tell you don’t make references to things you have no knowledge
about, and listen to others.

I know your intentions were noble, but you have only served to make me
dissapointed in you. You say you didn't insult me but my ideas, but
what else makes up a man besides his ideas? As alucard says in Castlevania Symphony of the Night:
"What is a man? Nothing but a miserable pile of secrets..." Well my
only secret is that I love games and I wanted to make one of my own,
and I think I did a pretty darn good job of it too. Thank you and good

From Ilenne A:

...You must have Colbert size balls
for making this game, I give you that. However, there are problems with
you game. For one, most the races are probably unoriginal. Second, if
there is pvp everywhere, then every newb would have a hard time because
there will always be a war loving machine who would kill them off.
Third, NPCs are the most important part of every MMO in existents
today. I do not want to sell vendor crap to people who probably will
never need it. I will praise you for having some pretty excellent
ideas. For one, having no mini map will mean that players will have to
be adventurers themselves. I always like a good roleplay, but like I
said earlier, you need NPCs.

I also need some clarification on two of the issues that I hope that you will express:

Do you have the rights for the soundtrack that you are planned on using?

How does the player created quests will work (in terms on how people

should make them)?

To conclude this sent email, I will have to say is that if you are really

trying to make this MMO, at least make some changes. I do not want to see

how this game with high hopes be destroy.

Thank you.

The Baron Replies:

No thank you for writing
in madam! Aside from your reference to my genitalia you seem like a
very civilized person, even if you are incorrect on most of your
points. For the races being unoriginal, did you call World of Warcrafts unoriginal for ripping off my races, which I created first in my very first short story (With My Fists Wrapped Around Your Staff)
No you did not, because you are in love with war craft and you probably
wish to become its bride (LOL being a little funny here), and I am but
a mere peasant who wrote a short story which publishers are too
short-sighted to publish.

You also say if pvp is everywhere that the n00bs (in my game they are
called lowbies, another term I invented by the way) will get killed
before they even get a chance to click begin. I see this as realistic
and a good thing too. Realistic because as I said: The real world is a
harsh and dangerous place with drug dealers and street gangs and
violent jaywalking pedestrians on the streets. The lowbies of this real
world (the children) haven’t got a chance and many are forced to
eat from the garbage and shine shoes on the street corner for nickels.
My game is just realistic. It is a good thing in game as well because
when a lowbie is killed again and again right after logging in they
might say to themselves: “Hmm what am I doing wrong here”
and then be smarter next time around. They also might just give up and
say “Methinks this game isn’t for me after all” and I
will gladly see them go, because nobody likes a quitter.

As for me having the rights to the Everquest soundtrack, I have already
explained in the mail section that in America (The United States) we
have the right to three freedoms: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of
Religion, and Freedom from Depress. Freedom of religion is self
explanatory; this means you have the right to worship Jesus in whatever
way you choose, weather it be at church or in your home. Freedom from
Depress means that no man should be put down or sad, you are free to
engage in entertainment and watch films to cheer you up (LOTR wooo!)
Finally freedom of speech: This means that you can say or do anything
you choose, weather it be criticizing the president or creating a copy
of a CD for friends. This is why I can distribute the Everquest CD. If
the cops ever question me I will say the people who play my game are my
friends (and I hope they are)! In case you haven't noticed I know quite
a bit about the law, I own every available season of Law & Order on DVD.

Your question about player created quests will be answered at a later
time in another article. I am currently working on publishing some more
information about Quest for Time so keep in touch friends, and may the
force be with you, always…