How To Spot a Homosexual - Bush Binoculars

I am a heterosexual male. Some time ago, I went to see a movie with my cousin (a man who is married to a woman and also heterosexual as far as I am aware). I hadn't eaten anything that day, so I decided to get two large orders of $76 nachos, a giant
Dr. Pepper, and several boxes of candy. All of this food was to be eaten by me and me alone, partially
because my cousin was smuggling his own food in, but mostly because I am a big selfish fatty with no self-control.
But a funny thing happened when it came time for the clerk to distribute straws. Having done some calculations in his head, he decided to give us two straws (so we could "share", see?). Now at this point most of you are probably thinking, "Yeah, so what? Maybe he was a little presumptous, but no big deal. No harm done, right?" But I disagree. It WAS a big deal, and harm WAS done. Because what he did was discrimination. Discrimination against chronic overeaters of unhealthy garbage.

Obviously the kid saw what I was ordering and thought "Wow, that sure is an upsetting amount of food for one person to eat on their own. Either this guy is a disgusting, unhealthy pig who is gonna hoover up all this this artery-clogging slop himself, or these two are a gay couple and are planning on sharing. There's no way this guy is stupid enough to eat all this on his own. They must be normal, healthy homosexuals. So I'll just go ahead give them an extra straw." Outrageous.

So as you can see, despite all the progress that's been made towards equal rights in America, we as a nation still have a long way to go when it comes to human rights. Perhaps one day a borderline obese glutton such as myself will be able to go into a theater with another person and order absurd amounts of food without the clerk assuming they are going to share said food with said other person.

Oh, and speaking of human rights and assumptions made about others based solely upon their are the top five signs someone you know might be gay.



How To Spot a Homosexual - Latex SexayEveryone
knows homosexuals respect women, so it follows logically that any man
who respects women would be gay. There is an unspoken rule that when an
attractive woman is in the vicinity of a group of heterosexual
men, each of the men must perform at least one of the following actions:

  1. Express aloud his willingness to engage in intercourse with the
  2. Crudely feign a sexual climax
  3. Leer at her ominously while licking his lips and/or adjusting
  4. Get the woman drunk and attempt to sexually assault her

NOTE: If the man in question is a current or recent member of
the band ZZ-Top, he will also be expected to provide to his companions
an itemized list of the various physical traits the woman possesses
(e.g. Long Legs, Short Skirt, Red Shoes, etc.) This is extremely
important and should not be considered optional.

If any man should fail to perform these duties as stated, he will
temporarily be classified as a homosexual and will be jeered at by the
philistinic yokels with whom he has foolishly chosen to spend his free


For good or ill, nobody ever accuses some fat slob of being gay.
Obviously this sort of thinking is misguided, as gay people come in all
shapes and sizes. Yes, from homeless gay Chinese midgets to enormous
gay giants with pompadours, homosexuality takes all forms, so it's
probably best not to try and "guess."

Nevertheless, many people pride themselves on having excellent "gaydar"
(the ability to quickly identify a person who is gay on sight). There's
a good chance that you may even consider YOURSELF to be one of these
people. But how adept are you REALLY at recognizing "gay" in a crowd?
Here's a quick little test I've worked up to help you find out. Simply
look over the pictures of various men in cowboy hats below and see if
you can which ones are gay.

How To Spot a Homosexual - Cowboy Hat 1 Homoxesual Hats
How To Spot a Homosexual - Cowboy Hat 3 How To Spot a Homosexual - Cowboy Hat 2
A. B is Gay
B. All are Gay
C. C & A are Gay
D. A, B, & D are Gay

Have you decided yet? If you guessed A B C or D, you were incorrect!
The answer is E.
As in " should I know who's gay, these are just a
bunch of photos I found by typing 'Cowboy Hat' into flickr."

Thanks for playing.


How To Spot a Homosexual - Long BeardIt's
common knowledge that all men with beards are secretly gay. Whether
you're sporting a close-cropped goatee or a slightly longer
rough-and-tumble biker number, you can expect to be thought of as gay.
Certainly a healthy person wouldn't mind this, but many people (like
raging homophobes, most of whom have repressed gay feelings in
themselves) don't take kindly to being classified as a homosexual. If
you are one of these assholes, all you have to do is shave the beard
and continue to pretend you're disgusted with the idea of ramming your
tongue down another man's throat. It's easy!

Tip: Once your beard grows longer than a few inches, this
ceases to apply. Those who commit to growing their facial hair this
long will not be discriminated against as a homosexual. Instead, they
will likely be discriminated against as "That creepy straight guy with
a beard who keeps staring at me and moaning".


Ah, sports. There's no surer sign of heterosexuality than the enjoyment
of them. I mean, it's fairly logical if you think about it. Take
football for example, There's nothing at all homoerotic about a bunch
of well-muscled sweaty men in skintight pants grunting, hugging,
weeping openly, undressing and showering together, and slapping each
other's asses while a queen song plays, is there? Of course not.

Yes, football is as about as "straight" as a sport can get.


There are still plenty of parents out there who fear that if their
"young'n does things womenfolk are meant to do" that one morning
they'll wake up to find him mincing around with living room in heels
and a thong, with a rainbow flag in one hand and a giant pink apparatus
in the other. Obviously this notion is ridiculous (and somewhat
offensive) but try telling that to these hayseeds. My childhood alone
should be evidence enough that a boy can't be "turned gay" by
performing various effeminate activities. Here are just a few of them.

How To Spot a Homosexual - Cat Fancy

Had Subscription to Cat Fancy

When I was a kid, my mom got me a subscription to Cat Fancy magazine. I
didn't complain. In fact, I probably read every issue. Reading about
cats can be fun!

Took Ceramics Class & Gymnastics

One day I decided I wanted to do gymnastics. My parents bought me a
tiny green sweat suit and dropped me off at a gym once a week. There
were no other boys in the entire class of about 40 children. I
thought nothing of this, and happily attended classes until Super
Nintendo was invented, at which point I promptly gained about 100
pounds and began to develop breasts.

In elementary, I stayed after school to take Ceramics. No, not pottery,
ceramics. The only other boy in the class was a squeaky little blonde
kid who insisted I call him J.T. even though his name was Mark. We
painted ceramic dogs. I made mine pink with a powder blue collar. It's
still at my parents house. That's all.

Played With Dolls

And no, I don't mean G.I. Joes and He Man, I mean goddamned DOLLS.
Dolls as in Barbies. My sisters had a giant tupperware doll house (with
no stairs, which still bothers me), and we imagined that the Babies
were parents and troll dolls were their shriveled, malformed demon
children. We gave the trolls high-pitched shrieking voices, and my
mother hated us all.

Played With Girls' Legos

Like most kids I was a big fan of legos, and would often ask my dad
for different sets as gifts. In 1992 (I was nine), Lego released a new
line of legos which they called Paradisa. Looking back, I can see that
these sets were blatantly "girly", but I didn't really give it much
thought at the time. They were mostly pink & white, and they
featured scenarios like "We Should Groom These Pretty Horses and Ride
Them!" and "Let's All Play With The Cute Dolphins!" Nevertheless, I
thought they were cool, so I pointed out the set I wanted to my dad.
Here it is:

How To Spot a Homosexual - Paradisa Legos

When he saw the one I had chosen, I could see the fear in his eyes.
Just to be clear, my father is not exactly the sort of man you would
describe as "not a bigot". For example, if I suggested that he watch
the film "Milk" he would probably say something like
"what do I care about some dead queer?" and then begin laughing
angrily. But I have to at least give him credit for one thing, he
bought the set for me without saying a thing, so maybe he isn't too far gone.

So anyway, even though I'm no scientist, I'm fairly comfortable saying that a child's sexuality is not dependent upon the extracurricular activities you allow them to participate in. By limiting your kid, you're just making them sad and confused and resentful. So cut the shit!


In any case, I hope this little guide will be useful in helping all of you identify
homosexual males you might come across in the future. I do hope,
however, that you will use this skill for good, and not evil, as gay
people have enough problems already without you harassing them.

Also, in case anyone was wondering why this guide only focused on gay
men and not other sexes and sexualities, you can keep wondering, because I have no idea. I
think it's just easier to focus on the male side of things because I'm
sort of male.

But in the end, go ahead and marry and have sexual relations with whoever you want. You now have my express written permission. In fact, I'm so accepting of different sexualities that I find the idea of nontraditional weddings and relationships nearly as dull as I find relationships between two straight people. So go ahead and do whatever you want! As a fully ordained
shitty-website internet judge I hereby give all humans permission to be get married, get divorced, be happy, be sad, be assholes, have a bunch of
kids, not have any kids, have a boring parade, have a decent parade, throw a superball onto the roof of a house
and have it get
stuck it the gutter...whatever you want.