Bear Fight

and welcome to part two in our one part series: “Ten Things to do
Before you Die”. In PART ONE we let three lovely people give us their
list of the top ten things that everyone should do before they die, and
wouldn’t you know it? This section features more of the same crap. Have a

James Rimwald

James Rimwald – Bus Driver

  1. Produce and direct an episode of Green Acres
  2. Sabotage an expensive piece of equipment
  3. Litter in a national park
  4. Watch all three Extended Editions of the Lord of the Rings films in a row because you are an idiot
  5. Fail to read even a single word written by Earnest Hemmingway
  6. Bend time and space with your mind
  7. Yawn while viewing one of the 7 Wonders of the World
  8. Clip a motorcyclist with your car
  9. Throw momma from the train
  10. Block a street with a bus during the Running of the Bulls
Mort Sully

Mort Sully – Child Psychologist

  1. Laugh in a police officer’s face
  2. Invent a hot new dance
  3. Roll your eyes while watching a popular film
  4. Leap from a moving vehicle
  5. Go on a long hike and begin to regret it almost immediately
  6. Stop being afraid of brown people
  7. Overturn a table during an important college test
  8. Frighten a small child
  9. Read the entire Bible aloud to a small child
  10. Years
    later, visit the child in the psychiatric wing of a prison after
    investigators have finally caught up with them and charged them with
    all twenty-six gruesome murders
Jamie Price

Jamie Price – Animal Trainer

  1. Set off tear gas in a crowded marketplace
  2. Wrongfully accuse a director Michael Bay of a sexual crime
  3. Have an unwanted child out of wedlock
  4. Open an ill-advised small business
  5. Speak with an Asian ghost
  6. Crack some skulls
  7. Wear a pair of Sketchers shoes until they fall apart (2 months)
  8. Vehemently argue with a cashier over 68 cents
  9. Burst out laughing at a children’s play
  10. Sit astride a mighty gryphon and reign vengeance down upon all who would dare oppose you

thank you for opening your lives and your hearts to these wonderful
individuals and their opinions. I invite all of you to join our
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